Exotic Inlay Mens Wedding Rings are the new gold standard

You have probably seen them lately – they come in dinosaur bone, woods of all kinds and colors, meteorite and now even antler inlays. They are made without seams which is new to the industry and makes these new inlays in high demand as fashion statements and exotic alternatives to previous metals.

One of the most favorite over the past decade has been the option of using your own piece of antler to create your antler inlay mens wedding band. Whether it is caribou or white tailed deer all you have to do is send a large enough piece to the seller and they in turn send it to the factory to make the exotic inlay using your very own antler piece – typically there is no extra charge for doing this.

So how do they do so without seams you might ask and it is a very good question. They painstakingly create the finished piece by hand and they use no laminates. With new machinery that uses technology allowing cutting into pieces within small millimeters – this process allows the craftsmen to use a non-seamed, non-laminated piece of wood or antler or meteorite and fashion it into an eye-catching beautiful piece of fashion jewelry.

We have seen wood samples these days ranging from koa woods to blackwood, to cherry wood, to sindora to box elder – you name it these creators of fashion pieces can use virtually any piece of fine wood and make it into a keepsake without seams that are protected for live with a ring armor that makes them virtually impervious to water! The most popular styles are the Hawaiian koa woods but we have seen a rise in the demand for the darker woods as well. When a dark wood is combined with the silver color of titanium, it is a contrast that makes the wood really “pop”!

Regardless of your preference, you might look into one of these exotic inlay rings – we have listed a few links below for your viewing pleasure – they are sure to please even the most discerning customer (or fiancé)!

One other note about these mens rings – they can be made in sizes ranging from 4 – 16 which makes them a nice alternative to women as well – maybe even a matching ring for his and her? And, as importantly they come in ¼, ½ and full sizes all the way to a large size 16.

So the bottom line is if you are in the market for a ring that says unique, that says one-of-a-kind, that says quality at a reasonable price – it might just be that you found the ring of choice as thousands of others have these past few years. A dynamic and stunning ring without the exorbitant cost of precious metals like platinum and palladium and gold. Most unique exotic mens wedding bands are in the $500 to $800 range depending upon how exotic the material – when adding dinosaur bone we have seen some models in the thousands. And If you don’t see what you want – let us know – we can custom make one to your liking!



26th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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