​Exotic Inlay Wedding Rings

Exotic Inlay Wedding Rings 

Why exotic inlay wedding rings are the solitaires of the 21st century

When considering a wedding ring for either your spouse to be, or yourself, you will consider several options. The sticklers for tradition will advocate going in for a gold, platinum or silver wedding band. Whatever the price of the precious metal, they’ll probably always justify it by saying that, it is your special day, or that your big day won’t come around very often.

Considering the way the economy is, the skyrocketing prices of precious metals and of course the chances of tainted gold or platinum finding their way onto your finger, isn’t it prudent that you look for an alternative? Wedding rings inlaid with diamonds, lacquer, meteorite filings, shell or mother of pearl and rare wood grains, all count as exotic inlay wedding rings.

Understanding exotic inlay wedding rings

Exotic inlay wedding rings are a fusion of new metals and materials like tungsten, titanium and cobalt, with inlay materials like wood, turquoise, lacquers, meteorite fragments, mother of pearl or shell and many other such hard to find and rare materials. These rings are definitely rarer than most other inlaid rings and therefore are considered to be a tad bit more expensive than the other new metal rings.

Considering the fact that new metal rings are considerably more inexpensive than gold, silver and platinum however, the difference (much less than) can be spent on quality inlay material to craft truly unique exotic inlay wedding rings. Samantha Rosenthal, a wedding planner and jewelry consultant has this to say: Exotic inlay wedding rings are to the 21st century what solitaires and mono-themed precious stone centered rings were to the 20th. While more and more people are switching over to tungsten carbide, titanium, palladium, and cobalt for their wedding bands, making these wedding bands more distinctive has become quote the challenge for jewelers the world over. Exotic inlays are the savior in this quest.

Exotic inlay wedding rings are as varied as your imagination could possibly get. Samantha continues: There are a whole list of things you could get in exotic inlay wedding rings. I’ve seen couples share an inlay, this couple from Maine, with a mutual love for pearls, got this beautiful motif inlaid in mother of pearl, on their exotic inlay wedding rings. Outdoorsy folk often have koa rosewood which has a distinct grain inlaid into their exotic inlay wedding ring. For a beautiful and out of this world touch, you could possibly get meteorite fragments inlaid in your exotic inlay wedding ring. This list goes on. It is completely up to you!

Exotic inlay wedding rings can also be customised to accommodate multiple inlays, like turquoise with white gold, or deer antlers with man made stones. The permutations and combinations are virtually endless and as such you should browse multiple sources like websites and e-commerce shops to come up with an ideal combination (either off the shelf or customised). In the online realm, you stand to save a lot more and in the process, make yourselves distinctive wedding rings.

3rd Sep 2015

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