​Frequently Asked Questions about Men's Wedding Rings

Frequently Asked Questions about Men's Wedding Bands

Wedding rings have remained a precious and sacred symbol of marriage for both men and women. Although the use of bands among men is not too old but women are rumored to have been using bands since centuries. On the other hand, men started using wedding rings after the Second World War. Below are mentioned some frequently asked questions regarding men’s use and choice of bands.

Answers of questions mostly asked:

  • What sort of material is used in men’s wedding rings?

The material used in men’s wedding rings varies according to their own choice and suitability. The wedding is a special day, so most of the men prefer to wear expensive materials like gold, silver, white gold or platinum. But if these metals don’t suit your body or you are not able to afford such expensive rings then you can also use titanium or steel wedding rings. Due to the hypoallergenic features of titanium and steel, men prefer to use these metals in their bands. Plus these metals are extremely strong and could not be harmed in any way.

  • Do men prefer to use gemstones in their wedding rings?

Whenever we mention the wedding ring of a man then the image that comes into our minds is that of a masculine looking wedding ring. Using a gemstone in men wedding bands depends purely on their own choice and financial feasibility. There are many men who are a great fan of gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies. But most of the men like to keep it plain. Even some men nowadays prefer to have special romantic messages engraved on their wedding rings.

  • Should the wedding ring of a groom be similar to the wedding ring of his bride?

Although this is not a mandatory tradition but most of the couples prefer to wear similar wedding rings. But this thing purely depends on the choice of the couple. Many brides and grooms even like to have wedding rings of different styles so that the wedding ring of the groom could display his masculinity and the wedding ring of the bride could display her feminity.

  • Who is allowed to make a selection for the wedding rings of bride and groom?

Mostly bride and groom select their bands together but this is not mandatory in any tradition. It purely depends on the choice of bride and groom. Traditions vary according to different cultures. In many cultures the parents of groom get to choose the bands while in some other cultures bride and groom prefer to make this choice themselves.

  • What sort of metal is most preferably used by men in their bands?

Although, different sort of metals such as gold, silver, white gold and platinum are used in the wedding bands of men. But most of the men these days prefer to use titanium or steel in their bands. Titanium and steel have proved to be very strong metals and could not be damaged during day-to-day operations. Plus they are very economical. So, most of the men prefer to wear titanium or steel rings instead of other expensive metals.

Selecting band is a very special task for a man so while making a selection; a man should select a wedding band that suits him in all aspects of life.

1st Apr 2014

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