​How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Mr. Right?

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Mr. Right?

Found your perfect match? Ready to walk down the aisle and say those two magic words ‘I do’? Have you picked the perfect wedding ring for your groom to wear after you exchange your vows? If not, then hurry up! You don’t have much time? Do you?

You may think that your groom is not a jewelry buff because you haven’t seen him wearing it ever! But the fact is even if your groom has never worn jewelry, he is looking forward to the wedding ring you put on his finger. A wedding ring is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is the ultimate expression of eternal love and devotion.

Having said this, it is also true that if the ring is not what he likes or matches his style, he’d wear it once and later come up with the strange reasons not to wear it. So, to make sure your better half never finds a reason to take it off, you need to buy that PERFECT WEDDING RING, which may be a daunting process given that there is a large variety of men’s wedding rings available today.

However, to make it easier for you here are a few things you should consider, after all you are the bride and you can’t afford to look stressed out on your big day wondering whether or not your partner will love what you’ve bought?

So, here we go!

What’s His Style?

Men’s wedding rings are available in a myriad of styles. From subtly sophisticated to contemporary and vintage and classic to extravagant, the options are literally endless. It’s easy to fall in love with every beautiful piece but remember you’re not buying it for yourself; you’re buying it for your groom, so keep his style in consideration. Will he like a traditional look or a trendy wedding ring? Think about it carefully. If you think he will love something traditional then go for gold or silver wedding bands. But if he’s bold, fun and exciting, then go for a diamond ring. Modern men on the other hand love tungsten, so if your groom is trendy then tungsten it is!

Find a Combination of Comfort and Design

The next thing you need to look is the perfect combination of design and comfort. Unlike women who are willing to sacrifice comfort as long as what they wear makes them look amazing like heels! Don’t you just dread those high heels that kill your feet but you still wear them just because they make you look good? But men don’t think that way! For them comfort is important.

So, when selecting from a wide range of men’s wedding bands make sure you select a ring that is both comfortable and superior in design. Consider the shape of the ring and its width. A ring with rounded edges instead of sharp edges is more comfortable. Also, look for the comfort curve option. Comfort curve, also known as the comfort-fit, utilizes additional material on the ring’s interior. It gives a more rounded look and puts less pressure on the groom’s finger. If you can’t find a perfect combination of design and comfort, you can always get the ring customized.

Right Fit

Make sure you get a wedding ring for your groom that fits him perfectly. Some jewelers resize rings for free while other may charge you but that’s alright! It’s worth spending a few bucks on resizing to ensure it fits perfectly.

2nd Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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