​How to Look After Men's Wedding Rings?

How to Look After Men's Wedding Bands?

Caring for men’s wedding bands is different than caring for women’s rings. It is simply because their habits and lifestyle is different. Even if a man and women are working in the same place, traveling through the same subway route, taking the same bus to the station and sitting on the same kind of chairs in the office; they will need different caring for their rings. Their natures are different and the way they innately take care of their things is different. Men are strong and carefree people who do not have much longing for accessories like bracelets and rings. They are not interested in fashion beyond the daily apparel including shirts, pants and shoes.

Women are more of the delicate type. They take care of small things and smaller details. Women can’t imagine getting into the bed wearing their new dress while men might as well go hiking in their new dress shoes. That is how it is and that is how it is going to be till the end of time. Therefore, caring for men’s rings is different than caring for the rings that women wear. Also, men’s rings were made of traditional gold and silver before but now they have shifted to other metals like titanium and platinum. So, different materials and metals would involve different kind of care.

Engagement and wedding rings are two of your most prized possessions. They should be. They are the remnants of the biggest days of your life so you ought to keep them safe. You ought to care for them. Maybe a couple of years later you could show them to your kids. Maybe you could decide that your wedding ring is going to be the family heirloom and that you are going to pass it on to your son and he will do so to his son. If you plan to carry on something in the family for so long, you need to make sure that you are giving the item the right kind of care.

Firstly, you could insure the wedding and engagement ring. In case it gets damaged you could get it repaired and maintained. It happens sometimes that you put on the calories after getting married. The ring does not fit you anymore once that happens. In that case you need to have it resized. Rings that are made of silver or gold can be resized easily but those made of platinum and titanium, are difficult to resize. There will be fewer craftsmen who could do the job for you. Therefore, if you find a man who can do the job he might be costly. Getting your ring insured for such cases would help you keep it as well as maintain it.

Many people choose to have an upgrade at a later stage of their life. They replace their older rings with newer ones. This way they have the emblem of commitment and marriage on their fingers but it is not the same that they wore on the wedding day. Wedding rings are not just memorable; they are also a sign of affection. They are a sign of commitment. So, caring for your bands in a way means that you hold the symbol of your vows in high value. It means that you want people to know that you have that special someone in your life. It means that for you a wedding band doesn’t just commemorate the day; it actually makes you feel it.

Sometimes wedding rings are clouded with dirt and grime. They can also get clouded with particles from the air that react with the surface of the gold and silver. This is rare with titanium and platinum rings because they don’t react to substances very easily. So when there is something like that happening, you should be regular in cleaning the ring. There can be a lotion or something else that can get stuck on the ring. Anything from your skin can cloud the ring’s base or the stone. What you should do is you should use a lotion or a cleaning agent regularly. In this way the ring will maintain its shine and luster. If it is a black rung it needs that elegant ebony look even more. Make sure you use the methods for cleaning frequently.

If you visit your jeweler annually, you can have the ring checked for the integrity of the stone. Is it studded fast? Are the prongs holding the stone well? If your ring is engraved then you can freshen the look of the ring by cleaning anything that has stuck within the gouges. You will also get a professional cleaning for the ring after it has been checked for other things. So, one way to care for men’s wedding bands could be paying an annual visit to the jeweler. 

12th Mar 2014

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