How to protect diamond mens wedding rings

How to protect diamond mens wedding rings

Protecting diamonds in mens rings is part common sense and part understanding why a diamond might be vulnerable to breakage or loss in the first place.

First the common sense. Caring for mens wedding rings is fairly simple and obvious. For starters no harsh chemicals, cleaning supplies and liquids, are needed. A soft cloth possibly emersed in warm water is all you need - generally speaking. Most rings can be cleaned in this manner although it is smart to take your ring into a competent jeweler from time to time to have a deeper cleaning in one of the ring cleaning machines crafted just for that purpose.

What some people do not understand is that the diamond prongs or the groove that hold the diamond onto the base of the ring are meant to provide protection for the diamonds and also meant to help secure the dimaond(s) in place so that they are not prone to fall out. However, a hard bump can weaken the placement of the diamond and also if the ring is dropped onto a hard surface can do the same thing. Most manufacturers warranty the diamond(s) against loss or breakage for a year or so. But given that a diamond can be loosened or broken as note above, they typically do not warranty them any longer than the first year.

That is the best reason to make sure your diamond ring is protected under yoru home owner's insurance policy.

18th Jun 2012

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