​Important Tips for Buying Tungsten Wedding Rings

Important Tips for Buying Tungsten Wedding Bands

When it comes to weddings, often the groom is left out in planning and advice. But when you’re the center of attention, small details like your ring stand out. For men, it is best to go with a tungsten ring as they are hypoallergenic, durable, and look great without seeming to feminine for most tastes.

When choosing a tungsten ring, the first thing to think about is the price. Set a budget you are comfortable with and stick to it. Don’t let salesmanship or hidden fine print raise it, no matter how pressured or intimidated you feel. If the store doesn’t have anything in your range, then find another. There are dozens of ring shops in even small towns and many, many more online. Don’t be afraid to say you have a low budget; the wedding industry is a multi-billion one and has been founded for decades on racking up prices and pushing customers into more spending far more than they planned. Your ring, like your wedding, should be personal and will last for a long time; make sure you’ll be comfortable with it for as long as you hope your marriage lasts. It should remind you of love, not debt.

Once you’ve found at least one store that works within your price range, the second thing to focus on is looks. Everyone will be looking at you during the wedding and people will always notice your ring when they shake hands or see you typing, driving, or paying for something. As a man, it is perfectly fine not to want a lot of detail, but that doesn’t make choosing a ring easy.

Rings come in different widths, heights, with and without bands on the side, and different edges. Choosing between simple designs can take a long time and you will need to know how to decide on the best. Start with finding something that works with your skin tone and go from there. See which edges work better with your skin and clothes and which heights work best for your work environment. Will a design be too distracting or become boring or ugly later? Focusing on all of these will cause confusion and frustration, so take your time eliminating rings by one category, then another. Ask for help from your wife or the salesperson if you need help making a decision or liking anything.

Make sure you get a good, close look at your ring before buying. How smooth are the edges? Are there any bumps inside or outside of the ring? Are there scratches anywhere? How decent is the polish? Is it inconsistently shiny or dull? Is the gold plating coming off or worn in any place? Are there gaps between the pieces of metal? Does the ring feel loose on your finger, wobble, or feel too tight? Just because a convenient metal was used or you’re at a high-end store doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the best workmanship. Make sure to compare two rings on the same design. You may find a flaw in one that you didn’t notice before or one may fit better than the other. Always ask if it can be adjusted or fixed if something happens to it.

Keep in mind—looks aren’t everything, despite what a wedding planner may suggest. Some rings are pure tungsten and some are alloys of tungsten and other metals. Some alloys are tougher and last longer than pure tungsten and some aren’t. See if the alloy causes any allergies when worn for long periods of time. Take note on the alloy or purity and check reputable sources and find out if you think its tough enough for your lifestyle. Gem shows, ring experts, and those who work with tungsten for work—even if it has nothing to do with wedding bands—make great consultants. Teachers are very handy, though you might want to avoid students who are more eager than knowledgeable. Don’t just check one source just as you wouldn’t check just one store.

Lastly, before the actual purchase, check the company. Many will include certificates of authentic or even warranties with their rings. Check how they’re packaged and shipped. Has the company had any financial problems or any shady deals or connections? Do they demand cash only? Is there a way to refund your money and refute the purchase if you find something wrong or decide it’s not for you? You never want to have to use one, especially on a day as important as your wedding day, but you always need to have a contingency plan.

Always keep the most important rule in mind at all times because these are all essential to your happiness. Don’t think of buying a ring as a chore; put your heart into it as you would the relationship is represents.

16th Mar 2014

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