Lost diamonds in mens wedding rings - what are the liabilities?

Lost diamonds in mens wedding rings - what are the liabilities?

Purchasing a mens ring with diamonds is a interested and fun experience in that no two diamonds are exactly alike and the design characteristics and creations that make the final ring desirable are as different as snow flakes. There are almost an infinite number of ring styes to choose from and when you add diamonds - or even synthetic stones - the variations are exponential.

But even though a diamond ring is fashionable and desirable and "in" right now - what are the liabilities when considering a diamond ring where the stones might get loose and even fall out - lost forever? It pays to check first of all with who is selling the ring - is there a warranty and does it cover stones? Although most companiees will cover the loss fo precious gems - like diamonds - many times the stones are only covered foa year or so for understnadable reasons. Imagine the liability of the seller if they covered all diamond mens wedding rings(including the actual diamonds) for a lifetime. That means in 20 years the seller would be responsible for any loss of stone no matter the reason. That is why most sellers (brick and mortar of ecommerce) have a time limit on the loss of stones.

It is highly recommended that when purchasing a diamond ring that the purchaser addes the piece to their homeowner's policy for the very reasons discussed above.

11th Jun 2012

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