Mens Tungsten Wedding Rings vs Mens Titanium Wedding Rings - The Myths

Mens Tungsten Wedding Ring vs Mens Titanium Wedding Bands - The Myths

We are asked pretty often about the differences between these two materials. And we have heard most of the myths that are prevalent as well - myths that seem to keep alive no matter how outdated or outlandish they are!  So we felt that after 6 years of hearing the questions and the myths that we would try and set the record straight once and for all. Please read through the various paragraphs below - they will try and shed light on a subject long overdue for truth ...


In our opinion these two materials are equal when it comes to finished product costs and selling prices to the public. If identical rings are made - one in tungsten and the other in titanium - the finished goods cost to the buyer is within dollars (tens, twenties) not hundreds. Why might this be? The real cost is not so much in the material - remember that we are talking about a very small object and it is not made with a precious metal like platinum or white gold. The cost comes in the intricacies of the design, the finished piece process (some manufacturers like Triton have a 25+ finishing process so that the ring is immaculate), the type of inlay if there are any (remember that a ring inlaid with obscure meteorite is going to be hundreds more than a ring with no inlay), and the manufacturers warranty that backs the finished piece. A lifetime warranty has cost factors that any manufacturer in the world will have to consider when determining the final cost and retailers (be they brick and mortar or e-sellers) must consider the long term costs of standing behind a ring for life!


No doubt about it - a tungsten ring is far heavier than an titanium ring. But don't let weight fool you - many men do not like the added weight of tungsten and prefer the much lighter weight of titanium. 

It might be a good idea to review our white paper on "materials' to gain a better understanding of the subtle differences between gold, platinum, and the more contemporary metals such as tungsten and titanium. 


We think that a tungsten carbide ring has the tendency to maintain the "forever shine" capability longer than a similar style in titanium. A true tungsten carbide ring has what has been referred to as a permanent shine or luster to it and they are known to keep this luster for years and years. It is unique to tungsten and is one reason this metal has gained in popularity. When compared to gold - which has to be refurbished regularly to maintain its luster and shine - tungsten is remarkable in its ability to stay looking "new" even after years of wear.

Although titanium does not have this same reputation once must remember that a titanium band is made from the same material that space shuttle's are constructed with on their wings to withstand entering into the earth's atmosphere and the same material that is on the face of golf clubs to withstand the punishment from hitting a golf ball at 100+ mile per hour! Titanium withstands the blow against the ball better than any other material they have used. So, titanium is not a lightweight when it comes to durability!

For added insight and learning about "tungsten carbide" click on this live link and we think you will find just why tungsten is in so high regard in the world of fashion jewelry today.


Given that modern mens rings are virtually all made in comfort fit - there is no real difference in sizing a titanium ring versus a tungsten ring. With that said we highly recommend that all customers ensure they know their size - one way to do this is to use the sizing ring - the J095C - that is provided for us free of charge just to make sure. The way this works is that you order the ring you want in the size you feel is the best fit but before we ship it we send you the J095C in that size just to make sure. Simply tell us in the customer comments section during the checkout process that you want the J095C for sizing and we will send it to you at our cost. Once you know it fits - let us know and we will then ship the ring to you that was originally purchased.


The myth: If you have an accident, these rings cannot be removed from your finger - the finger will have to be removed. Remember how we started ... the myth! There is absolutely no truth to this misconception. All medical facilities and medical personnel have the tools and techniques to remove even the hardest of jewelry and have had this capability for years. When tungsten was first introduced there were stories that circulated about having to remove someone's finger because the ring was too hard to remove and although these stories are untrue they have been passed down as old wive's tales!!

Relative Value.

Although this subject is somewhat covered above under "cost" there are some points to make relative to the value of a titanium versus a tungsten ring. All mens rings over $300 are considered to be higher end fashion jewelry and as such you might consider adding the piece to your existing home-owners's insurance policy just to cover it in case of loss due to theft, fire, etc. With this being said most rings are covered for life against breaking and discoloring and even diamonds should carry a lifetime warranty even if they fall out of the setting and are lost.

The real replacement value is almost impossible to calculate in that what is inherent in the piece from an emotional perspective is incalculable. We have had customers who have lost their wedding ring and have been so grateful to know that at least the same band is still avaibllbe for sale.

Style Capabilities. 

Does one metal have the edge on style when you are considering a tungsten versus a titanium ring? We have been selling both styles (materials) for 6 years and we honestly see as many dynamic and stunning rings coming in titanium as we do tungsten. It has not always been this way - tungsten and the edge because it was so high in demand. But virtually any ring you see these days in tungsten can be produced in titanium so the edge is non existent really.

See for yourself - we have added a few styles you might like right here: the stunning white tungsten M252HC and the Hawaiian wood inlay titanium K116M.

4th Mar 2014

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