Mens ​Wedding Rings “A Symbol of Love & Commitment”

Mens Wedding bands “A Symbol of Love & Commitment

Wedding rings are somehow different from wedding rings as it is simple metal having a single or no diamond in it. A band is not only for personal ornamentation, it’s a sign of love and commitment of one couple. Each country of the world has its own styles of bands like in Ireland, gold platinum and silver are indications of their ancient culture having beautiful knot work or looping around the band. Trending of men starting to wear bands begins long before World War 2 it is not just a band but is sign of love and commitment. Tradition began when in times of war men were not able to meet their wives for many months and they decided to wear bands to remind them of their love ones while they are living far away from their loved ones.

Afterwards the majority of men began to wear men’s bands. Many couples want to keep the symbolism of the wedding ring simple, and have simple matching gold bands that they both can wear. With changing trends wedding bands are now more common than wedding rings. If one doesn’t like to wear jewelry than a wedding band is awesome for them. There are many different people one who have distinct values for bands and they consider bands that are not similar to common jewelry because they wear it for their love ones. The other just consider wedding rings to be similar to common jewelry. For them wearing a band is just like wearing some sort of ear ring or other type of fashion jewelry so they don’t wear wedding bands.

Wedding rings signifies that two lovers are committed to one another. Men who were truly passionate about conveying love for their wives wore bands for her. For daily wearing of a band one must take appropriate size of the ring to be worn. If a man’s hand is large his band must be thicker than a man whose hand is small - he should wear a band which is thinner from the perspective of looking right on the hand.

Moreover metals used in men’s wedding rings have own specific properties. Metals used might be light or less expensive than other. Metals come in diverse weights, colors, and toughness. Tungsten is heavier than platinum and gold and some gold pieces with diamonds have more karats than a plain band with no diamonds. The gold obviously has a more golden color in the band and the toughness of platinum is more than white gold. When buying men’s bands it might be wise to consider antique traditional types of diamond or maybe even a nationally branded band.

Wedding rings are something you wear for a long time it must be considered when trying to match your dressing style and the overall look you are trying to portray. Wearing bands give lots of option to couples when these choices are considered i.e. choice of metals may be different for different styles you are looking for that day. Choose the same design but possibly a different metal that takes into consideration which metal may cause allergies with your skin type. It is expected that men mostly choose less expensive rings those metals which are cheap and more durable because they can wear them in daily routines more easily with scratching and damage. That is the reason why bands made of titanium are admired by men. Titanium is very attractive metal. It is almost 45% stronger then steel. It is also 100% bio-compatible and is not an irritant so doesn’t discolor or harm one’s skin. The materials used for making  men’s wedding rings also describe the personality of men. For example men who choose bands made of gold, diamond and silver are more tradition in style. The ones who choose bands made of titanium or tungsten are modernistic and cutting-edge. Similarly those who choose bands made of wood set in tungsten are adventurers. The ones who choose bands made of durable material might also be sensitive to their budget are of a realistic personality.

Other precious gems like sapphires, rubies and emeralds can also be used with these metals. So these rings need care and they must be worn after all preparation as metals in rings are polished try to void its scrubbing with any hard material as it will leave scratches on the metal and begin to give bad appearances. Thinners or any other chemical like this can easily give darkening effects to rings. If rings contain opal, turquoise, etc. chemicals can ruin them and even some cosmetics can edestroy these stones so be careful! It will be better to wear rings after complete research has been done to the cosmetics and chemicals you will be using. It might also be necessary to keep these wedding rings in proper places to avoid any sort of damage by falling, water, etc. So try to keep them in proper boxes or wrapped in velvet if you are not wearing them. Gem stones needs extra care so don’t try any sort of home remedies to clean them as it might be harmful for these rings or bands – remember - they are long lasting symbols of love.

Rings on men’s fourth finger of the right hand symbolizes the relationship is permanent and symbolic of long-lasting love and commitment. It means marriage and one can readily see that this person is “taken” and is not available for others.

Men sometimes want to have plain bands of gold silver or palladium or platinum as a symbol of being married – but does it really matter? The important thing is that the ring is a symbol or love regardless of the metal type or the diamond so wear it with pride and commitment. And we wish you the best in your long—term relationship! If you have questions or comments please send them to Mens Wedding Rings through

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