​Mens Wedding Rings “An Honorable Emblem”

Mens Wedding Rings “An Honorable Emblem”

Rings can be worn by men and women. Old Egyptians were the first to introduce wedding rings indicating the person is engaged to someone to be married. In many countries of the world, wedding rings are placed on the fourth or “ring” finger. It is supposed that this finger contains a vein that leads directly to heart thus the vein is named the “vein of love” which has meaning for wearing a ring on this finger indicating love or engagement or marriage. Others have said that this shows ones “ownership or commitment” indicating ones marital status. In some countries it is customary for both men and women to wear engagement ring while in other areas women are the ones typically wearing engagement rings. In western countries you will find wedding rings made of white or yellow gold. Sometimes wedding rings include name of one partner or both or date of marriage - being engraved into the ring – typically on the inside instead of the outer perimeter. Historically, wedding rings are thought to be sign of marriage which is a promise or a commitment between two people. Wedding rings also might indicate a symbol of everlasting love of the couple.

Wearing or not wearing a wedding band by men is his personal choice of course. A couple will make the decision about whether or not the man will wear a wedding band. If yes, then they have to choose whether they will buy a set of bands with same style and engraving on them or two bands with different styles and writing. But once they have chosen, the women will typically prefer that the man not take it off his finger even if he doesn’t like to wear it. The problem associated with wearing a wedding band is that in some professions wearing bands are not allowed because it of health or hazards at times. For example in the profession of an electrician, wearing certain metal bands could be dangerous because some materials conduct electricity. Similarly In professions associated with heavy machinery, bands can get stuck in the machinery. So these issues must be kept in mind while making a decision to wear or not to wear bands by men.

While purchasing bands, buying months before ceremony is a good idea so that any error in size or design can be adjusted. It should also match ones personality or personal taste. Wedding rings should be selected according to the men’s career; i.e. if his job is tough and rugged then het must take into consideration that the ring he chooses should be made up of such a material that it can bear hard conditions. Size or width of ring must not be so broad that it may cause a hindrance in their tasks on the job and of course should not cause risks to life or limb.

Many wedding rings are made of diamonds or any precious gemstones and many also have a gold or silver as base metal. But a true man always wants to ensure that it does not contain too many stones to give it a feminine appearance. Materials used in men’s wedding rings includes gold, silver, platinum tungsten, titanium, stain less steel, and many other materials may also be used such as wood and meteorite pieces. Different metals give different appearances when forming the wedding ring as it has different shapes, notches, engravings, or cuts in it. Moreover, as said before, it must not be giving a feminine look.

For making up men’s precious metal rings some choose platinum over gold for durability, and avoid matte finishing on the ring as it get scratches easily and gemstones might be an issue when considering losing them by accident of getting dirty and dim looking.

There are many styles of wedding rings but keep in mind that wedding rings should be unique and different unless one does not care that his same band might be seen often. Rings should be convenient to wear in everyday tasks easily meaning it should not contain too many stones or pearls and so as not to look too feminine. Each culture has its own styles of wedding rings and people of that area or culture mostly follow their accepted norms. Currently men’s wedding bands are usually made up of platinum or gold that might be white or yellow gold having diamonds of different cuts and shapes in it.

Now many brands are available because they are manufactured all over thw ordl including China and the United States – they are manufactured by top industry experts and are becoming fashionable. To wear rings by men having so many options and so many brands being provided by so many facilities allows men to wear beautiful rings of various designs which attract them or suits their personality. Many people have a complex when spending a large amount of money or buying expensive rings which might be beautiful but are not the wisest use of money – is $500 enough for me to say “love” or do I need to spend $5,000?

In any event, take good care of your rings, and they'll be your treasures for a life time and forever and will add years of memories and love to your relationship even in times of sadness instead of joy. Try to protect your special band and treasure it as your symbol of togetherness in a world where separation and anger are all too common. Yes, treat it as your treasure both to look at and to remind you of your covenants with the one you have chosen to life the rest of your life with. In short it is an important decision to buy wedding rings because it is purchased for a life time. Try to pick such materials that do not get scratches early as scratches on rings tend to make them look old and worn – unlike the symbol of freshness and love in a marriage. And be true to the person that gives himself or herself to you in a ceremony of truth and togetherness.

29th Mar 2015 Anonymous

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