​Men’s Wedding Rings Buyer’s Guide

Men’s Wedding Rings Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide for Price.

Price is the first topic addressed but it is our opinion that this is not the most important issue for most people as they begin their search for the  mens wedding bands of choice. There are just too many other issues at stake when searching such as finding the right look and warranty and even where to buy it so that the experience is a pleasant one and not fraught with poor service.

With that said, it stands without question that the price range for a mens wedding ring is as diverse as shopping for a woman’s purse. Can you spend under $50.00 or over $1,000 – they are available. So what are the steps to winnowing down the vast array of pricing categories with a mens ring? As with buying a home typically one starts with a well-defined budget – or at least some well-defined parameters for how much can or should be allocated for the purchase. In the home anaology, do you want to keep the final price below $250,000.00 or between $250,000.00 and $300,000.00? Deciding this type of purchase is often the outcome of research with your bank to determine what your income will allow and in most cases the bank will oftentimes allow a purchase above your comfort level. So back to a mens wedding ring – is establishing a budget the right thing to do and if so do you spend what you can spend or what you should spend? Let’s say you are comfortable spending $2,000.00 but you also have a transmission that is failing on your only transportation and your fiancé’s ring only cost $500.00?

Bottom line, it is wise to set a budget and then stick to it. Be disciplined in your look and you will be disciplined in your purchase. From my perspective, you can find a stunning mens band for $200-300.00 and you can also find some that are in the thousands – but it is best to set some parameters right from the get-go!

Buyer’s Guide for Selection.

Are you interested in etching? Inlays? Diamonds? Dinosaur Bones? Exotic Woods? Do you want a 4 mm band or an 8 mm band? Would you like one where a matching band is available for your future wife or partner? How about a message written carefully on the inside or outside of the band and in fonts ranging from a simple “Times New Roman” to a more ornate “Old English”?

The most important advice we can give when searching the vast selections in the world of fashion jewelry is to do just that – search. Don’t buy the first band you see. Keep looking and analyzing and asking questions – to yourself or a loved one or friend. You can find some of the most ornate wedding rings for men in the world if you take your time and are patient.

We have also advised couples to start looking at random. What do we mean by this? Start paying attention to what other men are wearing as a wedding ring. Be observant. IF you see something you like don’t be afraid to approach the wearer and ask him about it – where he got it – he will be flattered that you cared enough to ask.

And finally – search under images on a search tool like Google. Really, you can type in “mens wedding bands” and look under images and you will find pages and pages of rings that you can then begin the winnowing process. Remember, be patient, chances are you will have this wedding ring for the ages. Maybe forever …

Buyer’s Guide for Metal Types.

Let’s get a few metal on the table so to speak – so you can at least know what you are up against and possibly even begin to narrow the search:

Platinum is one of the most precious metals in the world and is hard enough to be virtually free of minor blemished and scratches for the life of the finished product - such as the mens wedding ring. The color is a soft and luxurious white similar to white gold (see below).

Palladium is another precious metal that has the look of platinum but with a slight gray tone to the finished piece. Like Platinum, its bright shiny white look stays strong and durable although it is not as heavy as Platinum allowing it to be made into larger pieces of fine jewelry.

Whitegold is more popular than its twin - yellow gold – in part because it more closely matches some of the finer and more precious metals like those mentioned above – platinum and palladium. And most cutomers like the look of the lustrous white finish without paying the higher prices for platinum and palladium. White gold is also a more sturdy and durable finished product than yellow gold in that the alloys used to make white gold are stronger and less resistant to wear and discoloration.

Stainless Steel has been a popular source of mens rings and wedding rings for centuries because it is a fairly easy metal to create and fashion into the mens category of rings and it has been popular because it is very cost effective to purchase – running far less than a similar style in the precious metal category! Some call it a “tinny look” while others say it has the look of silver!

Tungsten is in high demand. Period. And it shows no signs of falling behind any of the other competing metals such as titanium, ceramic, stanless steel or cobalt. In fact even the white and yellow gold categories have seen their popularity decrease as the world comes to see and know the beauty and durability of this new tungsten category. Heavier – yes – more durable yes and can I buy one in gray or white or black – yes!

Titanium is roughly 99% pure titanium or better when the piece is finished and it has the look of tungsten without the weight. For those who are allergic to tungsten – titanium might be your metal! Some of the world’s most indestructible finished products are made with titanium including many golf club faces and the heat shields on space shuttles! Durable – we think so!

Cobalt is another contemporary metalin today's fashion ring market is in high demand - extremely high demand and for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that a finely crafted ring with high-grade Cobalt is very hard to differentiate from the finer precious metals such as white gold and platinum. Want the look without the cost – you found it in cobalt!

Sterling Silver is also referred to as Silver 925 or just 925. The reason for this is because sterliing silver that is used for jewelry and particularly for custom rings must use at least 92.5% pure silver. The balance of the finished product is made up of an alloy such as copper which is the most widely used. A silver ring has a soft and subtle, rich yet basic look to the finished piece and you will see as many women wear sterling as you will men.

Buyer’s Guide for Stores.

We are biased in that we sell only online to our customers and we own a number of different websites. So keep that in mind when you read on …

Brick and mortar stores (retail establishments) have their advantages. You actually “see” the ring you are buying. You try it on, you feel it – you use many of the 5 senses – right? This is a huge advantage. Most retailers have amazing return policies and if it breaks or discolors you can always bring it back – they cannot afford to diminish their reputation by treating customers in their local community anyway but “delightful”! In short – you get to actually see and feel what you are buying – like when you are buying a car at a car lot. Some of the drawbacks? There are a few. Overhead costs are high and high operational costs typically mean that the selling price goes up – unless you are shopping a big box discounter like Wal-Mart of the like. So guess who pays for high operational costs – that’s right – you do.

Online sellers. Like us. Some of the drawbacks are pretty clear to see – well in this case not seeJ What happens if you need a different size? In this case we typically just order a new ring in the right size and take care of it that way although some customers prefer to receive a “sizing ring” first at no charge to make sure that the ring they ordered is the right size.

Then there is the idea that I need to see and feel the ring I am looking at in person – how do I do that online? Good question. We recommend that customers shop around and become familiar with the various sizes and styles and makes and models and try them on and then go online and pick out the the one that matches the closest and save money by purchasing online!

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