​Men's Wedding Rings Features & Prices

Men's Wedding Bands Features & Prices

Wedding band is something that would remind you of the most wonderful day of your life for the rest of your life. Not only women but men also like to invest heavily in their bands as for most of the people it is once in a lifetime opportunity. Men while purchasing bands tend to search for titanium and steel bands but not many years ago men used to prefer bands made from gold, silver and white gold. But still while looking for a wedding ring, one should make a proper market research in order to find out the prices of every type of wedding ring. And then he should order his wedding ring according to his financial affordability and the features he would like in his wedding ring.

Features in men’s wedding bands:

Different people like different sorts of features in their bands. Every metal has different features in it and even the gemstones we attach on our bands have different features and different effect on our personality. But while purchasing a band, a man is more likely to consider such features in his band like the type of metal, level of comfort, size and options of different designs and styles. Different metals used for bands carry different features. Some of the most used metals are mentioned below with their features:

  • The number one metal that is mostly used by men in their wedding rings is called yellow gold. Due to the reasons that it can easily get polished, resized and its high level of strength, it is used by many men in their bands.
  • Another most used metal is white gold and it is popular due to the reason that it can easily be coated with platinum or palladium for further strength.
  • Platinum is also used in men’s bands due to its expensiveness and durability.
  • Although, silver is one of the weakest metals and could easily lose its color and polish but due to its low value, many men with limited financial budget prefer it for their bands.
  • Nowadays, most of the men prefer to use titanium, stainless steel, tungsten carbide and palladium in their wedding bands as these metals are very strong, scratch-resistant and possess hypo-allergenic qualities. Plus the cost that incurs on these metals is much lesser than gold, white gold and platinum.


Different price ranges are available for different metals. Such as band produced from simple gold is available at $125 and above. The price of each band increases with its features. A gold ring with diamond attached on the top of is available from $700.

A plain platinum wedding ring for men will be available at $ 145 and above. Men’s wedding bands that have diamonds attached on them start from $175. The price will get higher as the features and quality of the ring increase. Very expensive and rich looking diamond wedding rings could be purchased at a price of $500 to $ 750.

The prices depend all on the quality and features of the material used in the wedding rings. But most importantly, purchasing a wedding ring depends on the financial budget and personal choice of the groom.

16th Apr 2014

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