Mens Wedding Rings – Personalized Engraving

Mens Wedding Rings – Personalized Engraving

Engraving has become a very popular way of saying a little something extra with your gift. It does not cost much extra but a few words say a lot!

We see wording such as a special date, or a simple I love you. We also see phrases in a foreign language or maybe a special symbol engraved in the mens wedding rings.

We even had a customer ask if they could engrave their fingerprint on the inside of the band – and the answer? Yes, we can do that!

So when the time comes for you to consider purchasing your ring, consider giving a little something extra with a personal engraving in whatever says what’s in your heart.

Most online stores offer fonts in 3-4 styles although I know at our premier store – we can literally get engraving done in all of the fonts in a Word document – over 150 styles of fonts.

We are sometimes asked how long the engraving process takes and the answer is about 3-5 days extra. And, some want to know if engraving can be added a few weeks or months or even years after the ring has been purchased? Again, the answer is yes!

30th Jun 2014

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