​Mens Wedding Rings with Wood

Mens Wedding Bands with Wood

True or False?

Wood inlays will crack and warp over time.

Answer – False.

We used to carry wood inlay rings from a manufacturer who we won’t mention. We had nightmarish problems with the wood coming apart, warping, diamonds falling out, etc. Fortunately they were covered under a lifetime warranty and customers were protected – they just had to go through the hassle and agitation of picking out a different ring and some were not very happy when this occurred!

What had happened? Basically these rings were made in China and had seams in the wood laminates. Wrong. What a bad choice we made. We learned very quickly that a less expensive ring made overseas is sometimes not worth the shipping paid to receive it!.

All of our mens bands with wood inlays are now made in the USA from uncut wood bands meaning there are no seams – so the warping and coming apart is a thing of the past. And most of our wood inlay rings (over 90% of them) are coated with a special wood protectant that makes it virtually impossible for the inlay to warp or crack – truly they are now designed to last a lifetime!

Varieties of wood inlays are limited.

Answer – False.

May we settle this with a short list of just some of the many species of trees that can be used to manufacture wood inlays:

Asian Sindora wood, Buckeye wood, Hawaiian KOA wood, Redwood, Oak, Burl wood, Box Elder, Olive wood, Black Ash, Leopardwood, Bamboo, Bloodwood, Ebony wood, Cherry, Maple, Hickory, Yellow Birch, Beech, Basswood, Cedar, Elm, Gum, Mahogany, Hemlock, Douglas-fir, Spruce, Alder, Aspen, Corkwood, Cottonwood, Dogwood, Ebony, Teak, Pink Ivory, Ironwood, Zebrawood, Hackberry … as you can see this list is fairly comprehensive and it is just a short representation of the types of woods that can be used to make exotic mens wedding bands.

And in reality you can add to this list when considering that many wood inlays can be combined with other inlays such as palladium, platinum, white and yellow gold, antler, dinosaur bone and meteorite!

Wood inlays are the most expensive inlay used to make mens bands.

Answer – False.

Some can be quite expensive – ranging into the mid $500’s when a ring is made with a pure species of wood, possibly a rare wood from a faraway island. And when combined with other materials such as platinum or gold they can range well into the thousands of dollars.

However, when compared to a band made with a platinum or palladium or even gold inlay most mens wedding bands in wood are far less than those with precious metals.

We have included a few pictures below to illustrate price points as of this writing.

K121M KOA wood inlay. $399.99 on sale.

C121M Antler Inlay. $499.99 on sale.

Witten. Platinum with diamond inlay. $1,799.99 on sale.

Antananarivo. Two-tone gold inlay. $699.99 on sale.

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