​Meteorite Mens Wedding Rings

Meteorite Mens Wedding Rings

An otherworldly sign of extraordinary love…

Every couple has a meet-cute. The story of how they met. Heck, Hollywood survives on meet-cutes. And at the end of the day, when you are convinced that the man or woman, you’re in a relationship with, is indeed the right person for you, you start contemplating a proposal. An important part of that proposal is the wedding ring (or an engagement ring). It is the sign of the love you feel for the person. In the 1950s DeBeers, propagated the myth, that a diamond is the best way to tell a woman how you feel. And while that is still the norm, here’s another thing to think about, almost every second bride, or groom has a diamond ring. What if you wanted to give your beloved a ring that was out of this world. I’m not talking about emeralds, rubies or sapphires, all of which are found in abundance, I’m talking about a meteorite inlay wedding ring. And here are 4 amazing reasons why a meteorite inlay wedding ring is the best way to show the love of your life, that they mean the world to you!

Meteorite inlay wedding rings are otherworldly, quite literally: A meteorite inlay wedding ring contains a layer of materials that often times even the brilliant eggheads at NASA haven’t classified. Combined with modern metals, tungsten carbide, titanium, palladium or cobalt, meteorite inlay wedding rings are the gift that you can proudly say have come to you from the heavens, a brilliant thought, especially when they aren’t all that common, and is meant for a person that is one in six billion (simply made for you!)

Meteorite inlay wedding rings are durable and last a lifetime: Meteorite inlay wedding rings are made from actual meteorite fragments that in themselves are extremely hardy. Added to them are the formidability and strength of earth metals like tungsten and titanium. This makes meteorite inlay wedding rings durable. Just like your love for the person your with, will last a lifetime, so will your meteorite inlay wedding rings.

Meteorite inlay wedding rings are quirky and stylish: When you’re in love, you want to give your man/woman the world, with a meteorite inlay wedding ring, you can legitimately claim to have outdone that claim. Jokes aside, meteorite inlay wedding rings showcase your quirky, creative and fun loving side. Life’s journey is full of ups and downs, but one look at your meteorite inlay wedding ring will prove that you don’t have to take the weight of the cosmos on your shoulders, and that in your partner, your world is secure!

Meteorite mens wedding rings are cost-effective: Given the economic downturn, austerity being recommended and practiced the world around, the skyrocketing prices of gold, platinum and diamonds, and several other factors, meteorite inlay wedding rings make a practical and sensible choice. Think of it as a sensible beginning of your life together as a couple or family.

Meteorite inlay wedding rings are a beautiful, thoughtful and loving statement of what your partner means to you and as such is one of the best, modern ways to show them so.

18th Sep 2015

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