Online versus Retail - Mens Wedding Rings

Online versus Retail - Mens Wedding Rings

Whether we are shopping for a car or a pair of pants - haven't we all had the question run though our mind where is the best place to shop for the best value? Watches, rings, shoes, shirts, umbrellas, you name it - we have all the same dilemma don't we?

Mens wedding bands are no different. You will find wedding rings from $49 to $4,990 and you can shop hundreds of online or ecommerce shops or try your luck at the local mall where they typically have a dozen jewelry stores.

Maybe its just me but I love to see selection when I am shopping. I mean I like to see hundreds of whatever it is that I am shopping for because I have this nagging thought that if I buy something, I might something I like better down the street. Most legitimate jewelers have hundreds of wedding rings for me. Some have thousands - now that is my kind of store. Thousands.

Take for instance the newest hot market in wedding rings for men - meteorite! I have seen hundreds of styles and they are not cheap - meteorite is said to be as rare as gold and even more valuable!

The most popular wedding band we carry on our site is the H119M. Something about the sleek, clean look is really popular and fashionable. It comes at a reasonable price - under $700 and if you wait for it to go on sale you might even land one for under $600!

But not everyone is into meteorite. Wood? Dinosaur Bone? Mokume Gane? Silver? Gold? Platinum? Even elk antler for the hunting enthusiast. Right now we carry 915 styles - all different and all have something unique to offer from the various metals and inlays just mentioned to laser engraving and etching. And for those with a sentimental streak - you can personalize them with an inscription on the inside of the ring. Always popular!

But back to the dilemma ... where to shop for the best value. Here are some pluses for retail - you can go out on th town and enjoy yourself and meet a friend and grab a sandwich - make  a day of it. You can take your leisure and shop a variety of stores with an equal variety of price points. Its fun to shop! The downside might be pushy salespeople or a higher price. We all know what it costs to run a retail establishment with high mall rents and insurance and advertising and ... so much more.

OK - How about online shopping. Pros might be price and selection. As noted we carry over 900 styles - all we have to do is add an image and there you have it - a greater selection - and it costs us nothing to inventory or add the new mens ring. There is no high overhead - a few bucks to create the store and add it to the internet and no insurance and very little in the way of advertising and marketing costs. The downsides? You can't try it on and some pictures don;t give a clear image of exactly what you are buying. Most online sellers try and offset these negatives with sizing policies whereby you can receive a sizing ring before you buy - we offer that on all rings and the J095C comes standard with ALL exotic inlay rings. And if you can receive a return policy on the purchase - so much the better. No one wants to be stuck with a ring or a watch or a pair of shoes they won't like!

So keep shopping and keep enjoying the game - life can be a joy if we look for the good so her's to the good in life and in people and in shopping!

6th May 2016

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