Perfect Mens Wedding Rings

Perfect Mens Wedding Bands. Is there such a thing? Is there a perfect watch or a perfect cell phone or a perfect car? The very question suggests that the answer is no. Although there are some who say that Apple created the perfect cell phone and is now on the verge of creating the perfect watch. I think where most of us get sideways with this notion is trying to define "perfect". Aren't we used to thinking that nothing is perfect? Nothing is absolutely right and correct and perfect - there are always flaws and problems and issues with "things" and with people. And with vacations and clothes and ... well you get the point. Nothing is perfect.

With that said, Apple has come close to the notion of the perfect cell phone. The design, the colors, the options, the memory, the applications and peripherals ... they "approach" perfection. They please aesthetically and visually and physically and emotionally. The Apple iPhone comforts us.

It is with this notion in mind that we explore what might be included in the quest for perfect mens wedding bands. Perfect is so relative. But are there 2 or 3 that come close. That are so visually inspiring and priced right with superb quality that we might call them perfect?

May we suggest our list of the top 3, and they are not in any particular order.

1. H119M

This ring is handmade. Truly made by someone's hands - not in a fast moving machine that spits out the finished product in the hundreds. There are no seams in the meteorite inlay - none. How is that done you say? Carefully and with precision and by experts who truly understand the art or making wedding rings.

Priced right? At around $600.00 the price is on the mid to high end which is what one would expect from a world-class "perfect" mens band. Why titanium? Because titanium is very hard, very durable, very scratch resistant and looks great even after 10 years.

2. K109M

Another handmade beauty, this ring although made with real wood has no seams and even has a special, patented ring armor protection which means you can wear this ring in the water. And it is also priced right at around $400.00 and is made from titanium - which as mentioned above is about as bullet-proof as a mens ring can get.

3. Madrid

The Madrid has the beauty, the symmetry, the eye-catching appeal one would expect from a world-class wedding band or a perfect phone or watch. Balanced and sophisticated, the Madrid is priced under $600.00 and carries a lifetime warranty - no questions asked. An issue? Get a new one. Really pretty simple and the manufacturer has been in business for over 50 years and is used to standing behind their products.

We'd love to see your thoughts. Like to vots on this issue? Send an email to We'll take your thoughts into consideration as we publish updates to this and other articles on perfect mens bands.

It is subjective and we understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But you have to start somewhere and these are the three we started with!

11th Mar 2015 Ron Johnson

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