Purchasing Mens Wedding Rings from online stores.

Purchasing Mens Wedding Bands from online stores.

How often do consumers use a telephone number to actually call the online seller and place their order over the phone as opposed to using the online capabilities and placing the order without any intervention from an employee of that company? Our research indicates that there are a number of online sellers who do not allow consumers to purchase over the phone but instead direct them to purchase the product-such as the men's ring-from their online backend system. In an interview of one such company it was found that the reason for this is to protect consumer's credit card, expiration dates, security codes, and other personal information private to the consumer. This company felt that to use this information via a phone whether or not it was type directly into the Internet are not left an area open for employee theft or misappropriation of information, in these cases extremely confidential private and valuable, and chose not to have this liability. In fact in this case the online seller indicated that a company called security metrics actually ask them these types of questions to find out if they took online orders over the phone. They were happy to say no we do not.


But what about those consumers who feel a little an easy using the Internet to purchase from? Aren't there many in the world today who would prefer a warm voice on the other end of the phone telling them what to do next and how to do it then walking them through the process or handling it for them? The percentage of these types of customers is very small these days due to the increased protection measures and respectability built into online sellers. But for those customers who need this added help, there are a number of stores including those who sell men's rings that will provide this assistance.


The table right company out of Washington Utah owns many sites that sell men's rings and men's accessories although there are number of women who also use their products. It has been their policy, we might add fairly recently enacted, that employees are not allowed to receive credit card information over the telephone but they are instructed by policy and procedure to have the buyer interim and their personal information via online procedures and processes. This does not mean that an employee of the table right company cannot assist the consumer which they sometimes do it is just that they do not ask for the sensitive information described above such as the credit card number and expiration date. And for this company once it is entered online it is impossible for any employee of Taylor arrived to view the entire credit card number or expiration date without the assistance of the bank or the person making the purchase we respect this deep respect for privacy and security.

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27th Dec 2012

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