Shipping mens wedding rings

Shipping mens wedding rings

Unless you are buying an in stock item in a brick and mortar retail location then you are looking at how to get new men's wedding rings to your home or place of business. Most online jewelers will not use the domain name - such as - in the "from" line when sending a ring. This is for obvious security reasons - anything that identifies a ring is in the package has a far higher incident of theft. Why alert those who are dishonest?

So what are the other aspects of shipping your new ring that might be of interest or concern? One might be the packaging - to send a ring in a plain envelope without any padding is a disaster that has not yet occurred. Our experience indicates that a good amount of padding is necessary to not just protect the contents but to prevent someone from getting a little nosey and figuring out by touch that a potentially valuable piece of jewelry is packaged inside.

Two other aspects might be insurance and the method of shipping - UPS, FedEx, USPS or other means. To insure a package is expensive and many companies these days will self-insure but for the consumer who is shipping a package back to the place of business it is highly recommended that the package being sent comes with insurance to cover all the contents. And for shipping methods - USPS is best known for a price to value shipper and FedEx is one known for expediency and safety when shipping - but this reputation comes at a cost to both the consumer and the place of business. Be careful when shipping mens wedding rings!

I would recommend that special consideration be given to the value of the contents inside the package when considering which shipper and if to purchase insurance.

11th Jun 2012

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