Sizing Matters when it comes to a mens wedding ring

When choosing a wedding band it can be a daunting challenge to choose the exact, right size. Most bands come in sizes from 4 or 6 up to 15 or 16 and have 1/2 sizes in between. That's a lot of choices and it doesn't even include how many different styles there are! So how does one KNOW the size you selected is accurate?

There have been many devices and tries at accuracy using tape, rulers, string, etc. If a person has the time and is not in a rush to get the band immediately for a wedding or other event, it might be best to simply go into a jewelry store and have them size you. Problem is that not everyone even in a store knows how to do this - using a ring sizer and a small metal band is not accurate in that it does not take into account the newer "comfort fit" rings. You can place a metal band on your finger and it reads size 9 but actually with a comfort fit you are a size 8.5.

At Mens Wedding Bands we have come with a sure way that only takes 3 more days to complete. Once you order your ring you simply state in the Customer Comments section that you want to receive the J095C sizing ring in the size you ordered. We will send this ring to you at our cost to make sure that the size you ordered is accurate. Then once you have received it you simply call and tell us it fits great. Or it is a 1/2 size too small or too big and then we will order your ring in the size indicated!

You can then return the ring to us at a cost of under $3 shipping using USPS 1st Class Mail or we even allow customers to buy this tungsten carbide ring at a discount. Your choice. We all like choices don't we!!

19th Feb 2014

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