​The Antler Ring Video - Unique Mens Wedding Rings

The Antler Ring Video - Unique Mens Wedding Bands

We filmed a video a few days ago about how we create exotic rings – specifically the new antler ring inlays as part of our exotic ring collection. It was fun to shoot but it was not “real” in the sense that we did not actually show how these unique mens wedding bands were actually created. In fact just the opposite.

The video was a spoof actually – it showed us using a blender and adding a ring blank, a piece of antler, some paste we crated to look like deer blood and guts – and then we turned the blender on! The next scene showed us covered in make believe blood and then we pulled the ring out of the blender and presto – the antler ring was formed! The entire episode took maybe 2 hours total and we had all the props ready and the script completed ahead of time. If we were change anything about the planning and final shoot I honestly don’t know what it would be. Other than fairly corny, it was fun to do!

Bottom line, we wanted to have a little fun with the family (my son-in-law shot the video) and I was the main actor! I asked my family to call me Clint for the rest of the week but no one seemed to pay much attention to my requestJ There might be very few people that actually see the video but we hope that those who do stumble across it will enjoy the humor and what we tried to portray … maybe we will make another video someday if this one is successful.

You may wonder – how do they REALLY make an antler ring? Good question. We have had a customer that sent us their own piece of antler and it has to be a particular size and length for it to qualify. If it is at least 1 ½ inches in diameter and 3 inches long it qualifies – doesn’t matter if it is from a white-tailed deer or a caribou or even an elk. If a customer chooses to have us use our own pieces of antler it is the same price and we use whatever we have in stock at the time. With the final antler piece – the factory by hand creates a piece without seams so that it will last without breaking or coming apart and once it is inlaid in the titanium blank ring they put ring armor on it so that it will not be damaged by water or other abrasives.

These exotic and unique mens rings are not inexpensive but they are impressive once they have been created. And even though the factory tells us not to expect identical rings (impossible to be identical because each piece of antler has its own “fingerprints” if you will) – they nonetheless look very similar when completed. We have sizes from 4-20 including ¼ sizes but the average rings we make are in the 8-12 range with all sorts of ¼ and ½ sizes.

Engraving is available for $35 extra and it is touching to see what customers say in these inscriptions. Some are rather simple such as “Love, Jan” and others have all sorts of symbols and dates and unique wording that is special to the couple. We even have some choice swear words to deal with from time to time!

Thank you for shopping at our store and we hope you love the ring you receive – we try and treat every customer the way we would like to be treated. It is the golden way to treat others!

20th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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