The different types of men’s wedding rings offered in today's marketplace

The different types of men’s wedding rings offered in today's marketplace

Today's man is a more evolved, sensitive being. His interests have also evolved beyond sports, to the finer things in life. An evolution of sorts can also be seen in a man's taste in jewelry, at least in the one piece most men will doubtless invest in at least once in their lifetime, that is of course a men's band. Let's take a closer look at men's bands on offer today.

1. Men's wedding bands in titanium: Titanium until recently wasn't a metal you'd associate with jewelry. But with the economic downturn and the rising prices of gold and platinum, titanium has emerged as a new metal in the production of men's bands. Titanium is a strong yet supremely malleable metal which works well with any type of inlay, polish, wood grain or veneer. Titanium have been endorsed by celebs and fashion trendsetters alike and should be a consideration as a metal when buying men's bands.

2. Men's bands in tungsten: Tungsten is the world's strongest metal. It is hypoallergenic, can be either a subdued white metal, or polished in order to make it sparkle. Teamed with diamonds, semi-precious stones, wood grains, veneers, polishes and textures, tungsten rings are highly prized for their low maintenance as men's bands.

3. Men's wedding pieces in cobalt: Cobalt is a brilliant white metal, that today is one of the foremost materials being used in men's bands. Cobalt is a more cost effective alternative to silver, platinum and other white metals. It's surface is very conducive to all kinds of polish and plating ergo, it can take any color attributed to it. It is also hypoallergenic and extremely cost effective, making it desirable in the current economic outlook.

4. Diamond inlay men's bands: Diamond inlays have become extremely popular in both women's and men's wedding bands. Diamond inlays are just about as beautiful as any other style of diamond rings. In modern metals the cost advantage of the metal itself allows a person more freedom to spend on the grade of diamonds, such that they can get a better quality of stone for their men's wedding bands.

5. Wood inlay men's bands: Men's bands with wood inlay is a growing trend that stylists say will continue for a long time to come. Considering that the great outdoors are seen as a passion with most men, the wood inlay in men's wedding bands actually make a rugged and bold statement.

6. Meteorite inlay men's wedding bands: When you want to make a statement of love and commitment that is simply out of this world, why not choose an element that is out of this world. Meteorite inlay men's wedding bands are made from celestial meteorite fragments, found scattered at strike sites all over the world.

7. Fancy inlay men's wedding bands: Fancy inlay can mean anything between mother-of-pearl to laser etching, from offbeat calcite materials to stones that are not commonly associated with jewelry. These men's bands definitely stand out and finding them can be a difficult task altogether. You could always shop online in order to find one of these rarities.

With so many options open to you, finding the right men's band can be both exciting and unnerving, but following these tips, you should be able to buy your men’s band with no difficulty, 

14th Sep 2015

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