The Element of Surpise - Mens Wedding Rings

A surprise - so big deal! Everyone loves surprises. But they don't always love surprises that they were not expecting and that turn out to be ... let's just say less than favorable!

For instance let's say the wedding band doesn't fit or doesn't show up on time from the store. Surprise!!!!! Not good.

There are ways around these types of not so good surprises. For instance, why not simply order your wedding band a few months out? Not so fast you say - what if the wedding doesn't take place and I can't return the ring?

Or how am I to know if the mens wedding band fits right it if it is too big or too small without him seeing the ring and I want it to be a surprise? Good questions.

Let's just take  a look at some of these issues and try and make sense of them. Most stores have ring sizers that they can send before you get the actual mens ring - so he can try it on without seeing the actual ring you are buying for him. Then, once you know the size is right they send the ring and you are safe to store it away until the big day!

And what if he hates the surprise? Well, aside from your hurt feelings, most stores - ours for sure - will let you trade it in for full value against one that HE likes best. So that should not be too big of a deal - should it?

And if he wears it for a few months - or a few years for that matter - and the ring does not fit anymore? What then? You can receive a brand you ring in the correct size for a small fee. Brand new! In the correct size. Small fee! What can be better than that? For life!

And if this were not enough you can always wait until the last few days and hope and pray that the ring you want is in stock - or better yet go to the local jeweler and pay full retail! NOT.

Be smart - shop smart. Shop in advance and buy online for far less than top mark up at the local jeweler. You'll find the right online retailer who offers lifetime sizing and offers a trade in for the ring he hates ... and once you get over the personal hurt all will be well!

14th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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