​The Innovative Custom of Men's Diamond Wedding Rings

The Innovative Custom of Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Although, the use of bands among men was not very common until after Second World War. Men preferred to use plain gold or silver bands. But when De-Beers started a campaign in which it promoted wedding bands for men with single diamond, the trend started among the men to wear diamond rings for their wedding and engagement. The advertisement that promoted the use of diamond bands for men turned out to be a huge success and forced many men into adopting this trend. Now diamonds are quite “in” for wedding rings. Men prefer to use diamond rings made from gold, silver and titanium on their wedding days.

The background:

According to the historical facts, men used to prefer simple bands made from gold, silver, platinum and white gold. Nearly, 150 years ago, nobody ever heard the name of diamond rings, and using it in the bands. But then De-Beers Company that not only polished diamonds but also sold them started its promotional campaign. At first, diamonds were mostly used among women. But later, men also got attracted towards diamond bands as a result of marketing campaign held by these diamond companies.

Diamond engagement bands:

Although wearing bands is now common for both men and women but wearing engagement ring is still not very common among men in many countries. Although, first ever engagement ring came into being nearly 800 years ago. But it is still not a common knowledge that who was the first ever man to wear diamond engagement ring.

In the history, many men of the Lutheran sects used to wear engagement rings. But the engagement rings that were used throughout the history were of plain metal. The cost of the metal depended on the financial condition of the groom. But 125 years ago when De-Beers Company was founded then as a result of their marketing campaign, many men also started using diamonds in their engagement rings. There are also some countries around the world where engagement ring is treated as the band.

Mostly used diamond wedding bands for men:

In the start, diamond bands from De-Beers were very famous among men but when another major company “Tiffany” materialized on the map of the world then the designs presented by this company for men bands gained very high level of popularity among men. Tiffany presented new range of men’s diamond wedding bands with brilliant cuts. These special type of cuts provided extra shine to the diamonds. Many men prefer wedding bands with diamonds attached on the side but according to the latest trend men are going crazy for diamond rings that have diamonds in the middle of them.

Men who prefer simpler designs for their bands prefer smaller sized diamonds placed in the middle of their rings. But men who have a rich taste for diamonds and can afford expensive jewelry like to have large sized diamonds installed in the centre of their bands.

At the end, we can only say that the style and type of diamond rings totally depends on the taste and affordability of the groom. 

12th May 2014

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