The Journey of Arriving at The Best One for Your Groom!

The Journey of Arriving at The Best One for Your Groom!

Wedding and wedding bands share a close bond! Accurately tracking the origin of wedding bands may be difficult. It was prevalent across multiple cultures. However, according to history, the earliest link was said to be the Egyptians and Romans who initiated the tradition of wedding bands. The Egyptians and Romanswore it on their ring finger of the left hand. They believed that this finger had a vein which connected to the human heart. Wearing a wedding band was all about celebrating the love that partners have for each other. It was about making their love eternal. Since then, this practice has gradually percolated in different cultures as well!

Today, wedding rings have become more than just a customary practice! Style and fashion have walked into the scene. A wedding band has become the primary focus of marriage, and men too are participating in it. With a vast array of designer men's wedding bands, the urban man does have a say and choice when it comes to selecting his own. He might need a little hand-holding. You can surely take care of that!

Shopping for your wedding and men’s wedding band

So, he finally proposed to you for marriage! Has it been a long wait? If yes, then your happiness will know no bounds. Other than joy, what occupies your mind is the long wedding shopping list. However, one of the core aspects of a wedding is your man's ring! While it is easy to select a wedding ring for a woman, it is slightly tricky for a man! The simple reason is that women are expressive and have a way to voice their choices and thoughts.

Men need little support here. Recallthe way he proposed to you. Was he a bit nervous? Perhaps, he was at a loss for words, sincere yet unsure about whether he is doing it the right way! That is a man for you! Caught up in his thoughts. So, when you ask him about the kind of wedding band he likes, he might have a similar response. That is no reason to give up on his wedding band. Instead, take him out for the general wedding shopping spree and gently coax him into voicing his choices. You can visit few stores or browse online to check out the latest designs in men's wedding band.

Men's choice of wedding bands

Men and women are hardwired differently. While a woman would want her wedding band to be all ornate with platinum and diamond, a man might want something chic and classy. He would want to wear the ring every day for the rest of his life, to work, at a party, for a vacation and everywhere. It should be in a design that fits a wedding scene and daily life as well. You might want to browse through for some unique designs.

Exclusive and attractive men’s wedding bands in the market

From the ethnic gold to the new age white gold and titanium, men' s wedding band has grown in options. Here are some of the best categories:

Yellow/White gold: If your man is a traditionalist at heart, yellow gold is undoubtedly the best choice for him. If he has a yellow skin undertone, this wedding band is perfect. On the other hand, if he has a light skin tone, white gold would be the best metal. You can customize minimal engravings on the ring as well.

Tungsten: If your man loves utility over external design, a tungsten ring is the best choice. It is durable and scratch resistant. It is an exotic metal with a permanent polish. Thus, the shine is always there. If he wants to dabble in variety before selecting, you can introduce him to the natural gunmetal shade that can be easily plated in white, black and gold. There is an added bonus. It is easy on the pockets too!

Silver: With silver wedding bands, he can get the classic historical look! It is perfect for a man who loves culture tours and watching videos about ancient civilizations. The sterling silver rings are available in various widths. If he has an affinity for Celtic traditions, the designers can customize an elegant Celtic silver or silver Claddagh wedding band. The Claddagh rings symbolized loyalty, love, and friendship in Irish culture. Designers can recreate this ancient Celtic silver ring design in a new age minimalistic pattern today.

Platinum: If your man loves a bit of flamboyance, a platinum wedding band is the best choice for him. Being harder than gold, Platinum is also non-reactive. Hence, its sheen stays the same over time. The edges will not scrape off. The only concern is the cost. Platinum wedding bands are expensive. Before buying, you should check for 95% purity of metal. Any store selling you less than 80% purity is not a good deal.

How to arrive at the correct men’s wedding band?

Once you have decided on the design and the metal, you need to arrive at the right wedding band for your man. There are two stages for this.

First, you need to determine the budget! A wedding has its costs. Hence, it is essential to streamline the cash that your man wants to spend on his wedding band. Buying rings in pairs come with a discount that helps you save big. Also, if you have a winter wedding, leveraging the Christmas and New Year discounts on men's wedding bands is a smart call.

Secondly, you need to know the size of the wedding band. Ask your fiancé to measure his finger using a tape a couple of times to be sure. Some men who find themselves caught up in two sizes, it is best to opt for the bigger size to be safe. Today, there are several online jewelry stores available that will help you to get the best design and size.

Apart from merriment and mirth, a wedding band is a symbol of love and faith. Hence, it is essential to select it with great care and precision. Finding the best wedding band for a man comes with its set of challenges. However, equipped with the correct guidelines, you can get the best ring that will make him smile with glee.

25th Aug 2020

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