​The Man, The Wedding, and The Wedding Ring

The Man, The Wedding, and The Wedding Ring

Getting married is surely something you won’t be doing every day, and thus, the occasion needs to be special. The man, the wedding itself, and the band are the three things that make it special. When it comes to choosing men’s bands, comfort is always a major consideration. Most men need a band that sits comfortably on their finger as they aren’t used to wearing a band. Choosing the right metal is a close second, right after comfort. Gold, titanium, platinum, and silver are common metal options for a men’s band.

There are things other than the right man and the right band that make your big day a special occasion. However, most people will agree that the without doubt that these two are the most important ones. They are many things that are important for a truly wonderful wedding, but the first and foremost thing that you need to ensure is getting the right sized men’s band for your man.

The most popular choice for a men’s wedding band is gold. When choosing a gold men’s band, the gold carat and color are the two foremost considerations. 9ct, 14ct and 18ct are the gold carats used in men’s wedding rings. Yellow gold is the most popular, with white gold the next in line. Rose, red, peach, bronze and lime are the other options available with gold.

A lightweight metal, titanium is way stronger than gold, silver, and platinum, and three times more than steel. With titanium, one is offered an exotic array of color choices, while the metal itself is lightweight, and is more resistant than gold, silver and platinum when it comes to bending, tarnishing, and scratches.

A white metal used in its purest form, platinum is extremely long lasting. Its dense, heavy metal gives it a more premium feel than an 18ct gold ring. However, platinum will cost you a lot more than gold.

An increasingly popular element being used in men's bands, tungsten is a strong, durable, scratch resistant and hard metal. Tungsten is comparable in price to titanium and is less expensive than gold and platinum. Similar to titanium or white gold, tungsten has a grey-white color.

Silver, white-grey in color, is softer and less expensive than gold, platinum, and titanium. It lacks the hardness of other metals. Generally not recommended for everyday wear over an extended period of time, silver is best worn occasionally as formal jewelry.

There are certain things you can do to make your wedding truly wonderful. These things include keeping your ceremony brief, having a personalized wedding, giving a welcome basket to your out-of-town guests, having a signature cocktail, and playing songs on request. The right man and the right men’s wedding ring are not the only things that promise a truly wonderful wedding. Incorporating the above mentioned things into your wedding will also help you to make your big day a truly special one.

However, when it comes to wedding rings for men, the above mentioned metals are the most popular options and it is up to you to decide which one is the ideal men’s wedding band for your man.

11th Jun 2015

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