The Mens Wedding Rings Choice: Tungsten versus Titanium

If we felt there was one perfect metal and no others compared, then we would only carry that one metal type of mens wedding rings. But that is not the case. There are pros and cons to all metals in the fashion jewelry market. And the battle for the supreme position has come down to just 2 metals - tungsten versus titanium. Although there have been definitive articles and blogs written about this subject for years we thought we would add our thoughts to this blog in hopes that someone might find a sense of peace when making this choice. What we explain about these 2 metals might even surprise you!

First, is it really a choice of just 2 metals? Does it have to be about tungsten versus titanium in a mens wedding ring? Why not tungsten versus gold? Of maybe cobalt versus titanium? Or even zirconium or vitalium? Or platinum versus sterling silver? The truth is - it is a battle of the titans. Tungsten carbide is in high demand for mens rings and titanium is right there with it!

You have the standard arguments on both sides of this struggle:


Atungsten mens wedding band weighs double what a titanium nad weighs - end of story. The only issue is do you want to wear a heavy ring or light one?


We have just completed a side by side cost analysis of the tungsten versus titanium battle for supremacy. And we found that the basic titanium rings are about the same selling price as the basic tungsten - particularly on eBay and When you get into the tungsten inlay rings with gold, exotic woods and platinum, they are also about the same as these same rings in titanium with these same inlays. Price? No need to worry - they are neck and neck!

Style Differences.

Because titanium is lighter than tungsten can you find a more differentiated style and design feature? No. With maybe one exception. When adding a number of diamonds to an 8 mm tungsten ring the weight and size needed to carry a large number of diamonds make the tungsten a more durable, rugged, massive looking ring that a similar ring in titanium.

You will tend to see a more sleek and sophisticated design quality with titanium for this reason.


Tungsten tends to earn the reputation as the most durable ring on today's market. Titanium is a step behind.

Tungsten Carbide is 10 times harder than 18K Gold … 5 times harder than steel … and 4 times harder than Titanium. Tungsten measures between 8-9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (Diamonds are a 10 - the highest on this Scale).

But the real issue is not whether or not a tungsten ring can withstand a few imperceptible scratches and titanium cannot - because the reality is both of these metals are virtually scratchproof. We are comparing a Mercedes Benz to a BMW or a Lexus. They are all luxury vehicles and they have their own design characteristics and beauty and durability and high demand. Tungsten rings versus titanium rings are similar - they are both two of the most highly demanded contemporary metals in the world and they both have their unique characteristics that make them a fashion icon.

About the Author.

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