The perfect lifestyle for wearing one of our exotic inlay rings

Exotic inlay rings - wood, dinosaur bones, meteorite. Precious, limited supply commodities made by hand and with intricate detail. But they should not be worn by just anybody. Even though they carry a full one-year warranty against manufacturing defects, they are not an "everyday ring" to be worn while working under the hood of the car or in the yard doing pick and shovel work or even to the gym lifting weights. These finely detailed and handmade exotic inlay rings are truly one-of-a-kind collectibles that must be taken care of like one would take care of any fine piece of jewelry.

For instance the wood inlays are protected by a compound called "ring armor" - expensive but worth it in that this patented overlay is designed to protect sensitive wood inlays from cracking or breaking due to water absorption. Does this mean that you can go swimming in the ocean with a protected exotic wood band - probably so. But the prudent person will recognize that it is in the best interest of the classic piece of fashion jewelry to be removed when taking on this type of fun and exercise.

Enjoy the look. Wear them with pride. They are made for you - no two can ever be alike. But also wear them with an eye to preserving their inherent beauty and stunning appeal.

Here is one of our most popular - the K109M with genuine Hawaiian KOA wood inlay and ring armor. One of the most stunning, exotic rings found in the world.

Interested in something even more rare - how about the dinosaur bone collection like the D116M with a 2 mm inlay of Gembone - agatized dinosaur bone! No two are alike - ever.

18th Feb 2014

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