​The Resurgence of Wood Mens Wedding RIngs

The Resurgence of Wood Mens Wedding Bands

Why the recent resurgence of wood mens wedding bands? Could it be a roll back in pricing since they were first introduced many years ago? Might it be that there are far more styles on today’s luxury-saturated market? Or is it a quality issue – have the qualities of mens wood bands suddenly take a move for the better? Or could be all three reasons?

We have been selling wood mens bands since 2008 and have recently seen a significant uptick in product sales. Although we sold our fair share over the years, we almost stopped selling them about 3 years ago because we simply could not find the legitimate large manufacturers who were interested in selling a high quality piece of fashionable jewelry. Talk about a turn around on our part! It wasn’t because no one was making a high quality product – we simply did not know where to find them. That changed about 3 years ago and we have never looked back!


Interestingly enough – with the finding of the quality wood bands we also found diamond in wood inlays, meteorite, dinosaur bone and even meteorite!

But back to wood. What we were NOT looking for was more of the cheap, seamed, inlays that cost little and offered little in return – you can buy a cheap Chinese band in wood almost anywhere these days but they look sloppy and the laminates come apart and the splices warp and they are typically not even made of genuine wood!

Enter the real, genuine, seamless product made in the good old US of A! That’s right. No seams. Real wood. Made by hand from such a huge variety of trees that there are over 100 DIFFERENT seamless, handmade styles – just on our website alone!

No two are alike – why? Because they are made by hand, from real wood and no real wood samples are ever identical. They are ALWAYS somewhat different and unique and wonderfully natural!! ALWAYS.

Do customers like these new samples? Do they want new and different and unique and quality driven? Will they pay for this quality? The simple answer is a resounding YES.

Look for yourself. Browse through these many diverse styles and see why we offer so many different looks in KOA, Blackwood, redwood, ebony, mango, black ash, burl, but wood, cocobolo, palm, bloodwood, snakewood, bamboo, leopard wood, buckeye, tiger’s eye, robusta, milo, tulip, and many, many more!

Hundreds to choose from and all made in the United States by skilled artisans by hand. No seams. No cut corners. No cheap inlays with laminates. All beautiful, eye-catching, one-of-a-kind stunning originals that are absolutely award-winning in every way.


And why is wood popular in and of itself? Where else can you find something from nature that is soothing, natural, genuine, something that reminds you of growing up, of the wooded walks with your dad or your brothers – a flood of memories in the wearing!

So for those of you who might just be daring enough to go for something that not every other man is wearing today – look through what has become one of the fasted growing and best looking fashions in the world today.


5th Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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