The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Eco-Friendly Metals for Wedding Rings

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Eco-Friendly Metals for Wedding Rings

Choosing the right metals for jewelry is getting difficult by the day because not only there are too many options available but also for the environmental concerns arising from it. It is no more a question of matching the metals to your budget only, as you also have to consider the aspect of damage done to the environment because of your choice. Gold, silver, and platinum used to be the most preferred precious metals for wedding rings and other jewelry for centuries, but now these are becoming a concern for environmentalists. Mining of these metals have a considerable impact on the environment, and too much mining puts stress on the natural resources as well. The clamor is growing to take better care of the environment and protect the earth.

The effects of mining

Mining for precious metals like gold, silver platinum and gemstones like diamonds and other stones result in soil erosion, emission of greenhouse gases and water pollution. The use of some toxic chemicals in gold mining poses a serious threat to the health of people working in mines besides polluting the environment. Cyanide is used for separating gold from the ore, and according to research data available, twenty tons of toxic waste is generated for producing an ounce of gold. A large-scale gold mine uses 1900 tons annually, and you can imagine the massive volume of toxic waste created from it. The waste material contaminates the water, air, and soil surrounding the mines and causes extensive harm to the environment no matter how low might be the concentration of cyanide solution.

Think about eco-friendly metals

When you are out to buy wedding rings, keeping in mind the environmental concerns, it makes better sense to move away from the traditional precious metals and focus on the alternative eco-friendly metals. When you visit the website of the famous online store that has carved a name for itself as a leader in the industry, you will be surprised at the alternative options available. There is a vast collection of titanium and tungsten bands that are very popular today. Upon browsing the catalog, you would come across some rare metals like those that meteorite and cobalt used for men's wedding ring besides wood, dinosaur bone, and antler. All the bands are handcrafted, and you can order custom designs that create a unique identity for you. Read on to know about the options for eco-friendly wedding ring metals.


Durability and high weight are the most attractive features of titanium that makes it the preferred metal for wedding bands. The titanium used for wedding bands belongs to the Aerospace Grade five titanium. It consists of 90% pure titanium with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium mixed as an alloy to enhance the strength of the metal. The durability and hardness of this grade of titanium are almost double than that of the commercial grade titanium.

You can choose the inlay material from the existing range of materials on offer at The experienced jewelers can set stones on the band whether you want flush mount it or channel set. Titanium wedding bands blend beauty with durability to create exciting styles with luxurious looks.


Tungsten and titanium have made a dent in the monopoly of gold wedding rings as the alternative metals with much less price offer stylish and trendy designs that can last a lifetime.Tungsten is extremely hard, so hard that it is the chosen metal for manufacturing different types of metal cutting tools. The tungsten used for jewelry is not pure tungsten, but it is tungsten carbide obtained by adding carbon to pure tungsten. The alloying metal is nickel that imparts jewelry making properties to the metal. It is possible to customize the design by choosing the gemstone or inlay material of your choice.

Cobalt chrome

For those looking for an eco-friendly option to replace platinum with matching looks and beauty but at a lesser price, then Cobalt chrome is a good choice. Cobalt suppliers follow ethical procurement methods in sourcing Cobalt from recycled sources so that it reduces the burden on the Earth. Cobalt Chrome contains 50% Cobalt, Chromium 20% and 15% Tungsten, with 10% Nickel to produce the hypoallergenic metal for menswedding bands. The metal is capable of with standing wear and tear and has a lustrous white appearance that resembles the shine of platinum, and it has the heft of gold.


If you want to keep away from metals altogether, ceramic wedding rings provide a viable option. Being hypoallergenic, it is safe for human skin and due to its strength; it does not change shape even when used for a long time. The bands are scratch resistant and lightweight.

If you want a customized design, just visit the website and get in touch with the experts to see how they convert your dream design into reality.

25th Aug 2020

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