​Titanium Mens Wedding Rings – Versus Tungsten Mens Wedding Rings

Titanium Mens Wedding Rings – Versus Tungsten Mens Wedding Rings

Why the difference? Why all the questions about one form of material over the other? IS there really any BIG difference at all or is it a marketing ploy to get people researching the differences that really don’t exist? From the opinion of this author after having marketed, sold, purchased and worked with customers for almost a decade, there is a difference and a significant one but it might surprise you what it is and if it really matters.

First, let’s look at some simple differences in these mens contemporary metal rings.

Titanium is lightweight. Tungsten is heavy. Does this matter? I mean really? It does for those who care about the feel of the band on the hand. There are men (and women) who prefer a lighter-weight alternative to wear when it comes to wedding rings. They have told us and we have experienced it ourselves that they feel better when they don’t know the band is being worn. Weightless but eye-catching – that is their goal.

On the other hand, no pun intended, there are those who want to know that they are wearing something – something heavy and masculine and something that has substance to it – not a sissy band! If you fall into one of these 2 categories, now you know where to look for your mens wedding band in either titanium )light) or tungsten (heavy).

Any other major differences – how about price? No, not really as far as price is concerned. You can find cheap titanium bands or cheap tungsten bands on eBay or Amazon or for under $30.00. You can decide for yourself if that is what you want to remind you of a quality relationship!

How about strength, durability and toughness – is one of the metals going to last far longer than the other or is one going to get scratches and look terrible in a few years? This is a harder yet very important question.

There are differences and again you will have to decide for yourself which characteristic you are searching for in a mens wedding ring.


Titanium is lighter as we discussed but it is also very hard. Hard as tungsten? No. Is it hard enough to not get scratches easily? Yes. What is the greatest benefit to a titanium mens wedding ring? In our opinion, it is that they are hard – many gold club faces are made of titanium as well as the heat shields on space shuttles – but not so hard as to break when dropped or hit against another hard object.

You might guess that the opposite is true of tungsten and you would be right – tungsten is so hard that when dropped against a hard object – like a tile or hardwood floor – the result can be devastating. Yes, you might have to go look for another ring! They can break into pieces.

But to the credit of tungsten bands – they are virtually scratch prrof so if you want something that looks like it is 10 days old when it is 10 years old – you might want to get a tungsten band.

5th Apr 2015 Ron Johnson

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