Trend of Gold Platinum ​Mens Wedding Rings

Trend of Gold Platinum Mens Wedding Rings

Trends have changed now-a-days and people are going more and more for platinum and other unusual metals like tungsten and titanium for wedding rings. But platinum wedding rings are clearly the favorite among both men and women. Taking platinum as the base metal, diamonds and other gemstone embellishments go well with it. Platinum is brilliant and has an excellent glow which attracts many eyes. You can yourself feel the aura and charismatic look of platinum ring in your fingers. Because of the fact that platinum is generally not mixed with any other metal unlike gold, it is the purest metal available for wedding rings. Brilliant sheen of platinum certainly makes it the most elegant choice for a wedding ring.

Because of the weight and density of platinum, platinum wedding rings are very much resistant to scratches and usual wear and tear. Besides, scratches on platinum are actually the relocation of the metal without the loss of any of its volume. So, if you are the one unnerved by the very thought of vulnerability of the metal to damage even by one percent, platinum is the only choice you have. Strength of the platinum wedding ring goes hand in hand with the strength and longevity of the bond of marriage itself. Another very valuable characteristic of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic and goes well with people prone to allergic reactions to metals.

Platinum rings are brilliant and current but nothing could really diminish the appeal of gold among wedding couples. With a lovely yellow color, gold is preferred by couples because of the versatility of shapes it could be given easily. 24 carats pure gold is extremely malleable and can literally be designed and shaped in any possible way. It is however advisable not to use pure 24 carats gold because it is the softest as well and prone to losing its shape more than lower carat gold. 14 carat or 18 carat gold is a much better choice for something like a wedding ring which is supposed to be forever. Gold in these purities provides more design and style options and is far more durable than 24 carat gold.

In addition to material and design qualities of gold, it has more traditional connotation attached with it than any other metals used in jewelry. Most of the people even today consider gold wedding rings symbols of love, bond and warmth. Along with traditional yellow gold, white gold has considerably risen in popularity among men and women and is considered a valid alternative choice for wedding ring. White gold wedding ring, the hot new trend, fits well with similar looking silver and platinum and is much cheaper than its white precious counterpart platinum.

Gold and platinum mens wedding rings have their own peculiar attributes which make them both strong candidates for wedding ring materials in their own rights. But for some people cost may be a deciding factor. For such people, platinum is the obvious loser because of its exorbitant price. But for people who prefer elegance and exclusivity to every other consideration, platinum is the ultimate winner.

19th Jun 2014

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