​True Value When Picking out a Men’s Wedding Ring

True Value When Picking out a Men’s Wedding Band

It is impossible to determine the real or true value of a men’s wedding ring as true value itself is a term hard to describe. However, by asking the right questions and having the patience to find out the correct answers, you can at the very least approach finding their true inherent value.

You’ll need to dig a lot to find the best metal when it comes to men’s bands. We will be looking at a few things regarding each band in our attempt to find out the true value of men’s bands.


Distinctive feature: 95% platinum

Price: Expensive
Forte: If platinum was a car it would surely be a Rolls Royce, it has class written all over it.


Having the highest price per ounce among all precious metal wedding bands, Platinum is pure and rare. Platinum wedding bands contain five percent ruthenium so that it behaves in a way jewelry manufacturers want it to. However, 95% of the band is made out of platinum.

Platinum gets a polished look thanks to its eye catching gray color. If you like wearing a heavier metal then a platinum band would be a great choice. Platinum will last a lifetime as it’s a strong and durable metal.


Distinctive feature: 95%palladium

Price: Medium range price

Forte: You may callpalladium the lessexpensive version of platinum.

Illustration: When it comes to men’s bands, palladium is the metal that has taken the biggest leap, significantly affecting the market for other precious metals. This is no fluke as the price and aesthetics of palladium are certainly appealing.

Palladium wedding rings comprise of 95% palladium and 5% other metals. Palladium is comfortable and easy to wear due to its lightweight nature. However, in spite of its lightweight nature it’s a strong metal. If you’re looking for a pure white precious metal then palladium is what you should opt for.

14K Gold 

Distinctive feature: 14 karat Gold

Price: Medium range price
Forte: Gold has been in use since ancient times. When it comes to grandeur nothing beats gold.


A 14 karat gold wedding band contains 58% gold while other metals are used to enhance the color of the band. If you’re seeking a true classic then a 14 karat gold band is what you need. Gold is probably what your parents and grandparents wore. If you want to maintain this tradition, you may opt for a gold band.


Distinctive Feature: 92.5% silver

Price: Moderately priced

Forte: If there was ever a happening metal, it would be ARGENTIUM Silver.

Illustration: Made out of recycled silver, Argentium silver is a moderately priced precious metal option. A luxurious metal, Argentium silver is a scratch and tarnish resistant metal, giving it an edge over standard silver and other precious metals.

Argentium is certainly the hottest new option to hit the men’s wedding band market in recent years. . If you’re looking for a durable, stylish and affordable band then Argentium is the one you want.

27th Apr 2015

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