Tungsten mens wedding rings in black and white are here to stay!

Tungsten mens wedding rings in black and white are here to stay!

Have you seen the newest models of black and white tungsten carbide rings on the market today whether they're online and e-commerce stores or in the mall? If not you are in for a surprise and it's a great surprise! I'm not talking about black and white paint on the tungsten band I am talking about the newest process from Triton whereby the tungsten has changed properties so that the classic gray color can be reproduced and refigured in such a way that the tungsten carbide actually takes on a white or black finish. Black mens tungsten wedding rings have been one of the most popular additions in the last five years and white tungsten added a few years later is just as popular and when combined we have a whole new fashion ring category.

These new black and white models in tungsten carbide rings are so popular they are made in lady sizes all the way down to size 4 and in mens sizes all the way up to size 16. This sizing includes half-size of these various sizes. Why so popular? We believe it is because Triton has found a way to utilize the ever popular black in men's rings combined with the properties of white that appear in substance to look like white gold or platinum.

Most of these bands are made in matching his and her configurations whereby a couple can choose the identical ring in their respective sizes. Ever increasing in popularity this concept is not new to the ring industry that is certainly catching on in Triton's black and white tungsten ring category. This author believes that this is just a baby step taken by Triton in this category and that in the future more additions will be made such as the recent addition of black diamonds to the line. Again if you've not seen this new style you might want to type it into Google or any other search bar and if you want a real surprise type in black diamonds as well where you will find hundreds of different styles in many many different sizes complete with inlays of your choice. Good luck and happy shopping.

Check out the W222H below. 

7th Dec 2012

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