​Unique Mens Wedding Rings – Timeless

Unique Mens Wedding Rings – Timeless

We’ll give you our opinion of the Top 5 Unique Mens Wedding Rings.

You will of course have your own opinions as to which mens bands should make it into the Top 5 list but we will start the conversation by adding the 5 that we think are most deserving based upon their selling ability, their warranties, their unique handcraftsmanship, and their attentiveness to detail – all characteristics that make them “pop” when it comes to stunning designs. Here we go …

  • 1.K109M. Exquisite KOA wood inlay in any size you desire including ¼ sizes. Made with no seams and with the highest attention to detail of any manufacturer we do business with. Priced around $400.00. See pictured below.

  • 2.J808H. Lifetime warranty and made with exacting care using Black Opal embedded into Titanium. Priced around $800.00. See pictured below.

  • 3.C121M. Priced around $500 in a really unique and compelling antler inlay design – sure to please the outdoor man in your life. See pictured below.

  • 4.A308C. Pure tungsten and purely original with a full cwt of genuine diamonds – includes a warranty that is the best in the entire industry. Priced under $1,500.00. See pictured below.

  • 5.M252HC. Black diamonds in White Tungsten Carbide. Stunning to look at – priced around $400.00. See pictured below.

What does it take to make it into the Top 5 list?

It has to be different. It has to look compelling – even stunning. It has to say “look at me – no one else anything that resembles this!”

What does it take to remain in the Top 5 list?

With over 800 styles and over 25 ring sizes we offer about 20,000 choices when it comes to iterations of mens wedding bands. Not an easy thing to manage – with 20,000 choices! With that said, for a unique mens wedding band to remain in the Top 5 means that with all the new models, and the new materials and the new diamonds – the piece must retain its unique relevancy, its stunning and eye-catching appeal – or it will simply be replaces! It’s that simple!

About the Author.

Ronald C. Johnson is the co-founder and owner of Tayloright LLC, a Utah-based corporation. Before founding the Company, Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and spent many years as National Director of T-Mobile USA where he co-authored the book titled: Loyal-T, the ABC’s of Creating Loyal Customers. His career has focused on sales, marketing, and training including 6 years with FranklinCovey in a sales and management capacity. He is married with five children, two grandchildren and resides in Washington, Utah.

About Tayloright LLC.

Based in St. George, Utah, Tayloright LLC, began operations in March of 2009 selling wedding rings, men’s jewelry and rock climbing holds. Currently, Tayloright LLC serves the international band marketplace shipping to countries worldwide. Their innovative products and accessories offer a fashion category that allows both men and women to enjoy eye-catching, stunning designs in alternative as well as precious metals. The Company carries products that are backed by their lifetime defect and sizing warranty. Average wedding band prices from their combined websites range between $300.00-400.00 although they also carry precious metal rings that sell into the thousands of dollars. Its premier website is To see their vast collection of precious and exotic inlay rings made in wood, antler, meteorite and dinosaur bone please see the following link …

29th Jun 2014 Ron Johnson

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