Unique Mens Wedding Rings Trends

Unique Mens Wedding Bands Trends

Ever wondered about the hottest trends in unique mens bands? If you were guessing or better yet betting, would your money be on price? Precious Metals? Style? Contemporary Metals? Black or blue colors? Or whether or not it was a comfort fit mens band?

Although we admit we are researching this from a website ownership perspective, we feel it has merit in that we own and operate not just one site but 4 at present. All sites have a wide variety or rings fashioned in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, cobalt, tungsten, titanium, stainless steel and a fresh new cadre of inlays from exotic woods, to meteorite, from dinosaur bone to minerals – we carry it and thus we feel we have a finger on the pulse of unique mens wedding band trends in the United States and internationally.

Here is what we are finding in order of trendiness among men:

Exotic Inlay Wedding Bands.

The new and exotic fashion ring category for mens bands is red hot! We are talking inlays in KOA Hawaiian wood, Spruce, Blackwood, Bloodwood, Ebony, Elder, Black Ash and Bamboo!

And if you are not into wood inlays – then you can now choose from meteorite and dinosaur bone or even exotic minerals like blue Lapis or Turquoise. And that is just for starts. We are also seeing a wide display in exotic materials such as Red Coral, Yellow Amber, Opal and Carbon Fiber. Prices range from the mid 300’s to thousands depending upon how rare you like your inlay!

Titanium Bands.

In the contemporary metal market you will see Cobalt Chrome, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel – but these days Titanium – in gray or black – is becoming the hottest trend. Partly because this metal is so durable and lightweight – it is far easier to craft a unique and compelling fashion piece in Titanium than in one of the heftier and weightier counterparts.

In fact, the exotic inlay market is flooded with Titanium as the base metal – not Gold, not Platinum, not Cobalt, not Tungsten. Titanium is so hard they use the industrial capable grade Titanium in heart shields on rockets and on golf club faces! Talk about here to stay.

And when worn, this elegant metal in gray or black is so light weight you won’t even know you are wearing a ring and many men love this feel – or should we say this lack of feel.

Platinum Wedding Bands.

A different trend in unique and fashionable mens bands is actually not so unique but very fashionable! Can we ever get enough Platinum – one of the rarest materials on the planet and priced as such. An intricately carved and fashioned band made in Platinum is costing thousands these days and when you add diamonds you can easy go as high as $10,000-20,000.00.

One of the most popular Platinum mens bands that we see on our sites is called the Tevorne in either 6.5 or 8.5 widths. This stunning piece is fashioned with one-half cwt of diamonds positioned around the circumference of the ring – talk about eye-catching.

We are also seeing the less costly versions of Platinum in 3 to 5 mm widths with very little design work – more of a plain band but one that speaks quality simply because it is Platinum!

Diamond Wedding Rings.

Diamonds are forever – what an apt and descriptive phrase. They really do last forever and legitimate resellers – be they brick and mortar or online – will warranty the loss of precious stones for life! Choose blur, black, yellow or white and you have a fashion trend that is just now peaking.

But research shows that it is the new black diamond fashions that lead the way. Our most popular ring we carry on is the M252HC priced at $399.99 net with all promotions/coupons. This beauty has .31 cwt of black diamonds in 3 groupings and the final look is nothing less than spectacular. 

13th Apr 2014 Ron Johnson

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