Way to proceed choosing the mens wedding rings that become your style

Way to proceed choosing the mens wedding rings that become your style

Wedding rings for men have evolved with time, and today it is one of the most prized accessories in male fashion. Gone are the days when only tiepins, cufflinks and watches were the only male fashion accessories. Today wedding rings and ear studs, as well as chains and bracelets, are all essential to men who devote time and money to fashion and style. From the style and shape of wedding rings to choose the metal that could make them stand out from the crowd, men are fastidious about what to buy for their wedding. Not very happy with traditional designs and traditional metals but would like to experiment with newer metals and styles.

With so many different kinds of bands available, it could sometime become a harrowing experience, in short, listing a few styles and designs. Since the time jewelers started experimenting with many new metals in addition to traditional gold, silver and platinum jewelry, the scope of jewelers in creating wonderful designs has expanded considerably. The metals are no more limiting the imagination of jewelers who can create designs that were not just possible even some years ago. And not the metals alone, even wood, ceramic and non-earthly materials like meteorite are ruling the world of bands for men. How to proceed in selecting the wedding ring that becomes a perfect statement of your style would become clear on reading this article.

It begins with the style considerations

Before you think about what to look for, one thing that comes clear is that the band has to match your ideas about style and fashion. In addition to matching your style, you might even try to select a style that goes well with your partner too. Although this used to be the approach until some time ago, the focus is now more on personal style and preference for scratch resistant metals that are highly durable and provides more styling options besides being affordable like the ones you find at

Another aspect to consider is whether you would like to match the band with the engagement ring. Although there is no hard and fast need for it, usually people like to maintain parity between the two so that the styles are not very divergent. You must have some sense of design because only you can figure out what makes the designs of the rings and bands complement each other.

Things to consider

For creating a synergy between the engagement ring and band, you can choose the same stones for both, or you can combine colored gemstones or diamonds with white ones. Matching the metals is another way of making the ring and band complement each other. A third way is to match the hues and finish of the metals so that these are identical. A fourth way is to create a relationship between the two by contrasting one with another so that the two create something wholly different and new that expresses your personality and creativity.

Having done the matching exercise, you should look into some other aspects that influence the design and appearance of bands.

Width of the wedding ring

The looks of the wedding ring depend on the wearer's finger and its size and shape. The same wedding ring has different appeal when worn by different people. The width of the ring is the most important feature that determines how much the design will be compatible with the person wearing it. Also, how well the ring fits on the finger is another aspect to consider. The fit should be just tight enough to keep the ring in place without much movement but not so loose that it tends to slip out of the finger. Wider rings are obviously costly than the slender ones.

Comfort in wearing

Wedding rings usually have curved edges so that it is comfortable to wear even though you can choose a ring with a flat edge too. Whatever the edge might be, it has to be smooth so that it does not hurt during wearing. Rounded edges are what most people want while some would like to have a mix of both and you would find square edges nicely blended with a rounded finish.

The texture tells it all

The texture or finish of the band determines the looks that differentiate between designs. You can choose between high polish, matte or hammered finish. Combining the finishes is a choice for some people who want to be more creative.

  • High polish – A highly polished surface that dazzles bright is the most traditional finish for wedding rings for men. The shine and the luster are typical for gold jewelry in the most well-known form.
  • Matte finish – By toning down the reflective surface and adding controlled mount of dullness, you get the matte finish that goes well with styles that are not so pronounced. The less shining surface gives a modern look that has a soft and dignified appeal.
  • Combination finish – It is like getting the best of both worlds. In this kind of bands, you get the shining surface showing at some places while some other places have a matte finish. The outside edge and the edge close to the finger have two different kinds of finish.
  • Hammered finish – The finish is pretty modern, as it looks like thousands of tiny hammer marks visible on the surface of the band. The look is unique and eye-catching that often might look like snakeskin wound on your finger.


For making the wedding ring special signs that display your love for the spouse as some people might want to engrave the fingerprint of the spouse on the wedding ring.

Select gemstones that are special to you and you can even inscribe something special on the inside surface. The options are many, and you must know what you want and what budget you have. 

25th Aug 2020

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