Wedding Designs: What Does It Reveal About His Nature?

Wedding Designs: What Does It Reveal About His Nature?

There is a minor change in the famous Marilyn Monroe song today! We might as well hum it as "diamonds are a guy's best friend too." Thanks to our new age men, who have gone ahead, voiced up their choice and made the diamond men's wedding rings and bands from rare to completely acceptable. So right after flaunting their sport or metallic watch dials, men are in for the next best thing – the wedding rings! They are now browsing a myriad of designs and choosing the best one. The most selling wedding rings are the classic and subtle ones, which are even less than a full carat diamond.

Weddings also offer a chance to get to know a man closer and better! A man’s choice in wedding rings opens a little door that leads to his personality. If you are a fashion-conscious man and have always been following your distinctive taste in attires and accessories and have made the final choice for your wedding ring, then here's what your preference might reflect about you.

On the other hand, if you are the happy-go-lucky bride and are keen to suggest a band type to your man, this article will help you do the homework. So, from yellow diamonds to icy white ones, you would know what your man might like!

1.The conventional classic gold

Tradition and independent is on the top shelf of values for you! Pride might be something that you struggle with, but that does not affect your connection with your loved ones. Your partner might walk into your life with a radically different value system, but you would respect it. At times, you could be stubborn. Just sometimes, that is! At other times, your mind is throbbing with creative and innovative ideas that need to be translated into action, because it is meant to lead to the highest good of all. If there is any skill or talent you want to hone up, you do it with complete dedication. Your quest for knowledge and the world certainly makes you someone well read in a group, and you articulate your philosophy with simple elucidations. No challenge has you in sweat. You would rather have them on and enjoy a good fight.

2.The timeless white gold

In a world that is in some massive rush to attain never-ending goals, you are the guy who cares about a whole lot of things! You care to take a pause and appreciate the beautiful elements of life and be ample grateful for it. An idealist at heart, you love nature. When committed, your spouse and child will occupy the center stage of your life. Even though you come with your list of hobbies, you are a well-informed man who knows all that is trending in the news as well as in the digital space. You are calm, but you have a firm voice that you save for when situations call for it. A technical break down might get you all cross and upset, but you find your way to solve it as well. Since you are an expert at making decisions, you might want to browse through and select your band.

3.The unconventional, distinctive black band

You stand out from the crowd! You certainly do not follow the generic codes of fashion or life. People might find you in counter or cross-cultural discussion groups, passionately stating your views. It suggests that you are a terrific speaker. You might have a clash with your loved ones, but you also know how to disagree respectfully and make-up peacefully. Also, if you like your black band to be more ornate having a unique stone on it or a specific pattern, you are convinced about your thoughts and place it firmly. Others might find you a tad bit unapproachable, but that is because of the poise you carry. Once they get to know you better, you surprise them with your sparkling wit and humor. When it comes to clothing, unmarked is your calling.

4.The cool tungsten carbide band

Relaxed and chilled are the best keywords to describe you! It takes a lot for you to be stressed, and when you are, you bounce fast. That makes you enjoy life to the fullest, and you are going to ensure you make quality time and space for your partner, kids, parents, friends and your hobbies after marriage as well. You value money and also love to stay lavish. In leisure hours, one might find you playing video games.

They say that shoes and watches are a testimony to a man's quality and inner self. We say, add the band to the list as well! Sometimes the mysterious part of our psyche reveals itself through the accessories we select. Our character dictates our choices. So if you are the guy who decided to go with the distinctive black or the classy white gold men's band, you sure know now who you are at heart! The Weight Loss Coach personally wears a tungsten wedding band because of the durability factors, whether at the gym or working online the ring stays looking new!

25th Aug 2020

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