Wedding Ring testimonials - are they important?

OK. Most sites have testimonials - many of them - we do to. But we decided to so something a little different. We have saved virtually every customer response to since we have been in business. And we're going to brag a little bit - but these are bragging rights from our customers - not from us!! And, these are just the ones from February 4th to today - we'll brag a little more next month:)

Here goes:


Great! :-)   Thanks, Walter!

Thank you Ron, I do appreciate that, I am really looking forward to receiving the ring and will try to be patient. Please keep me posted when you hear back    Kev

Thank you so much Ron for the follow up. At least now I can give my husband an update and let him know where we are in the process.  I'll wait to hear back from you.  Have a blessed day.  Lawanda

Oh thank you so much! That sounds perfect. One of those has to fit for sure. The address and everything on the package was correct, I just think that the mailman mixed us up and it was a fluke. I am comfortable with the rings coming to our same address. I would be surprised if it happened again but at least we have cool neighbors! Allyson

Hello Ron! We got the ring and we are happy with the size. Thank you again for the free ring. Jodi

Awesome thank you! Heather

Excellent! Thank you for all the help and quick responses! Regards  Will

Thank you Ron!!  Nicole 

Thank you for such a great website for rings. My fiancé is going to love this ring. Once we receive the J095C and the size is correct how should we notify you that the sizing is correct? Should we just reply to this email again or is there another avenue that we will use? Thank you again,  Ana

Okay sounds good. Thank you so much:) pls let me know what you need from us to initiate the process of this order... Jodi

23rd Feb 2014

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