What do testimonials say about a company - in our case unique wedding rings?

What do testimonials say about a company - in our case unique mens wedding bands?

Mens Wedding Bands has been online since 2003 and we have operated it for about 5 years now and have had some marvelous customer experiences. We thought, for those considering buying from us, that they might find comfort in reading what a wide variety of randomly placed emails from customers might say about us. It is one thing for us to say we believe deeply in delighting our customers - it is quite another thing for THEM to say so ... please read on - these are actual emails we have received from customers through the years.


12.15.14  Thanks for all your help with this. I really appreciate it. Would you have a tracking number for that package? Then I won't have to bother you anymore!   Andrea

12.11.14   Oh, great timing! And thanks (as always) for the super speedy response!   Thanks,   J

12.10.14   Last email...promise. Clearly i can't sing your company's praises enough but just wanted to let you know we finally got the ring in our hands...I love it, my husband loves it & the pictures really do not do justice to how beautiful it is.   Thank you so much.  Faith.

12.9.14    Thank you for the quick reply!! Will keep our eyes peeled!!

11.19.14  Thanks for the quick response! I will order this in the next few days.  Appreciate it!   Brooke

11.19.14  Thanks for all your help! Oh, the remaining rings were sent back to me in the mail and I never got them back to you in the midst of the wedding madness.  Thank you and have a great week!  Allyson

11.19.14  Thank you very much.  Joshua

11.17.14  Wow, fast response! I'll go with the CE118W in a size 8. The PayPal transaction will go through momentarily.  - Kraig

11.8.14  Thanks so much. You're the best!

10.10.14  Awesome, he does really like them both. Thank you so much for all of your help. We are really excited for the dinosaur bone ring.:)

10.8.14  Ok, thank you for this. I will have it appraised here and let you know if it's on the mark.

Again, I am 100% satisfied with the ring and will definitely recommend people (if everything goes well with the appraisal, which I have no doubt it will).  Cheers! 

10.6.14  Just wanted to let you know you were right about the other ring being tungsten carbide. He also wore your ring in water and said after flicking his hand it did not come off so size wise he feels we are safe (I hope lol). Thank you for your help in finding him just the right ring! He loves it!  Shelly

10.3.14  Just wanted to let you know that I received my ring on schedule in the mail this week. I absolutely love it and know it'll be one of a kind. I appreciate your help and great service throughout the process. Thanks for a great product!

9.22.14:  Wowo! Thank you! I will mail out today :)

9.15.14  You are awesome! Thanks again so very much. I will make sure any future purchases are made with you! Such a pleasant experience so..... THANK YOU!

 9.15.14  Very nice! I cannot wait to see it thank you for your response.

15th Dec 2014 Ron Johnson

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