What does it mean – contemporary metal wedding ring?

What does it mean – contemporary metal wedding band?

Precious metal bands are not the only option you have when looking for a wedding band for your significant other. Finding the perfect men's band has become way easier these days, thanks to contemporary bands. Contemporary metal men’s bands offers you the allure of a precious metal wedding band at an affordable price.

Steel, titanium and cobalt are examples of contemporary metal bands. Let’s take a closer look at all these contemporary metal bands so that you may choose the perfect one for your significant other.

Stainless Steel

Strength and affordability is offered by stainless steel which is often considered as the original contemporary metal. Stainless steel men’s wedding bands are scratch resistant and have the ability to stand daily wear and tear. Gunmetal, silver and white are popular color choices for stainless steel and it is available in a variety of finishes.


Due to its strength and bright, beautiful white tone, cobalt was the most used material for jewelry in ancient times. These days cobalt is used for men’s bands but in older times it was used in aerospace and medical industries. Someone who works a lot will find a cobalt men’s band as the ideal thing due to its scratch and crack resistant nature.

Cobalt costs a fraction of platinum’s price but has a similar appearance to it. If your significant other is someone who prefers a bit of weight on his wedding band then cobalt is the ideal thing as it’s heavier than other contemporary metals.


These days titanium has become increasingly popular for bands even though it was originally used in industrial applications. Someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry may find a titanium men’s band perfect due to its lightweight nature. Durability and crack resistance are other key features of titanium.

Silver, grey and black are a few of the many different colors that titanium bands come in. North America, New Zealand, Australia, China, Norway and South Africa are some of the countries where titanium is mined and it takes its name from the Titans of Green mythology.


Even though Palladium costs significantly less than some of the precious metals like platinum and gold, it offers the same look as these two. Compared to a gold band, a palladium band is much more scratch resistant and is also lighter in weight than its more expensive counterpart. Men who suffer from skin sensitivities and who are allergic to other metals may find palladium as the perfect thing as it is hypoallergenic.


Tungsten is stronger and more durable than all other metals as it has the highest melting point among all metals. Tungsten carbide and not pure tungsten is what men’s bands are made out of. Men’s wedding bands made out of tungsten will maintain their shine forever due to their scratch resistant nature.

22nd Apr 2015

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