What makes a lifetime warranty realistic with Mens Wedding Rings?

What makes a lifetime warranty realistic with Mens Wedding Rings?

A lifetime warranty to be a true warranty for life should be backed by not just a reputable company but be attached to products that desire to be warrantied for life. One reason contemporary metals have such a strong following and why they for the most part are backed with lifetime warranties is that the materials used are by material content made to last throughout a person's life. You can find so many different contemporary metals that justify lifetime warranties these days - from cobalt to titanium, from tungsten to zirconium. Even stainless steel when taken care of can last for life.

A very popular contemporary metal these days is titanium because it is lightweight and causes no skin irritations. It is also extremely durable and long lasting thus carrying lifetime warranties for most products. One exception to a lifetime warranty on a titanium ring is the Exotic Titanium Ring Collection where inlays are made from wood, dinosaur bones, meteorites and other unique and limited-supply materials. The titanium in most cases is guaranteed for life but the inlays are impossible to guarantee for that long in they are by nature organic and prone to death (material compositions that deteriorate over time). With that said, many of these fine fashions can still last a lifetime when taken care of properly; e.g., not wearing them to do yard work with a pick and shovel.

There are also some precious metal rings that carry lifetime warranties such as gold, platinum, and silver. These materials tend to be more sensitive to scratches than the contemporary metals but aside form scratching - which is generally not covered under lifetime warranties anyway - these precious metal products have a marvelous history of longevity. And in most cases the local jewelry store can buff and polish simple scratches out of precious metal rings such as those listed above.

And of course to be a true lifetime warranty the place of business must be worthy of consideration. A new store, online or brick and mortar, is probably not as credible as one that has been on the market for a decade or more. So keep in mind that the quality of the merchandise must be backed by the integrity of the seller.

See the B115M above.

4th Feb 2014

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