What Makes Tungsten a Popular Choice When It Comes to Mens Bands?

What Makes Tungsten a Popular Choice When It Comes to Mens Bands?

The most important thing to consider when choosing any metal for jewelry is that it must not cause allergies when you wear it. All traditional precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are hypoallergenic which makes it the obvious choice. The aspect of durability is also essential for jewelry because it is expensive and when it comes to wedding rings, it acquires a unique dimension for some particular reasons.

Considering that wedding bands symbolize the bonding of two souls for a lifetime, the metal that you choose should be so much durable and long lasting that it becomes an integral part of your personality and existence. The band has to sustain its beauty and appeal throughout your life. It is after that the metal you have in mind for band meets the necessary criteria that you can look into the other aspects of style and design. Men would prefer wedding rings that are stylish, non- conventional and timeless so that it retains its appeal even after many decades and does not look outdated. Choosing non-conventional metals would help to project their personality in a different light and create a distinct identity of their own. Above all, the cost has to be affordable, and the need for maintenance would be the least.

Turning to tungsten

Tungsten wedding rings are most appropriate to fit the bill as it meets all the characteristics stated above. You will find lots of stunning designs and styles of wedding rings exclusively for men on the website of,the company that has been catering only to men for more than fifteen years. The site has become the most sought-after destination for mens wedding bands as it houses the most extensive collection of wedding rings on the internet. The company specializes in creating custom rings for men and offers artistic creations in a wide variety of non conventional metals and non-metals including tungsten, titanium, ceramic, carbon, meteorite, dinosaur bone, wood, and antler. In this article, we will focus on the facts that have made tungsten so famous as wedding ring material.

Tungsten in jewelry

Like diamonds that have considerable industrial application tungsten too is first an industrial metal that has gradually found its way into jewelry. The primary metal that it is, Tungsten is a hard metal found in natural ores and extracted in the mines. It has the highest melting point among all non-alloy metals, and its extremely high heat resistant property makes it suitable for various industrial applications. However, the tungsten used for wedding rings is not pure tungsten but mixed with carbon molecules to produce tungsten carbide. By adding carbon to tungsten, the metal becomes more malleable thereby making it easy to give shapes in jewelry design. Once you polish the tungsten band, it would not scratch and never tarnish thus retaining its looks.

A practical choice

Durability is the most dominant factor that drives men towards tungsten wedding rings although the style and price are also equally attractive. Unlike gold and silver jewelry that tend to deform over time, tungsten bands remain in shape throughout its life even without taking care of it. Once you wear the band, you can jolly well forget to look after it without any concern for damage or deterioration in appearance. Thus, it seems that practicality prevails over emotion and aesthetics when selecting tungsten wedding bands.

Making tungsten fit for making jewelry

To soften the hard metal to some extent so that it becomes easy to give shape as per the requirements of designs and styles, adding carbon and nickel to tungsten is the norm. In the first step, you get tungsten carbide by adding carbon to pure tungsten. Adding the nickel to the tungsten carbide is the second step. The nickel acts as a binder. The resulting alloyed metal acquires the properties that make it suitable for creating designs and giving shapes during jewelry making. Since the inbuilt hardness of tungsten remains in the alloyed metal, the jewelry becomes scratch resistant and retains the shine of the surface without getting dull over time. Some people might use cobalt instead of nickel, but you should avoid such jewelry because cobalt can cause skin allergies.

Guarantee of a lifetime

Tungsten wedding rings can survive the harshest conditions without any effects on the surface, neither scratching not tarnishing. This aspect of durability places it much above the traditional precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum and that it requires no maintenance makes it the most suitable men's accessory which is also the reason for its wide popularity. The only thing that you must be careful about using tungsten wedding rings is that the metal can be brittle and might break or crack under excessive pressure.

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25th Aug 2020 Ron Johnson

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