What would you rather have? A $5000 mens wedding ring or a similar value in a car?

This is really a fair question particularly if one would consider there are possibly many people without transportation and the prospect of the vehicle drive in the difference between going to work and not work. Put another way mean the difference between earning a livelihood putting bread on the table for the family are having just another ring on the finger. Given the fact that there are so many people unemployed and hungry and lovely about the prospect of job in the future, one might think this is silly question.

But let's look at this idea-this question if you will-from a different perspective. Purchasing car is considered a depreciating asset in most economies. Since we put this means that if you invested $5000 automobile within 5 to 10 years it would have little if any value. So for the category of buyer who has $5000 to invest might this be the best way to spend his or her money? It appears not. Now let's consider investing that same amount dollars-$5000-in a beautiful white diamond ring laced with genuine diamonds bringing the entire value to include $5000 as an investment.

Ballots look ahead the same period of time as before-5 to 10 years. What might one think this same diamond and gold ring with the worth? Odds are it would still be worth the initial $5000 in invested money. Now the silly question as posed in the title becomes rather stark when considering these two investment strategies does it not?

Assuming you had $5000 to invest today and that she could have a choice of investing it in an automobile that is as described a depreciating asset or you can invest the same amount of money in a wedding ring whose value might increase over time, what would be your decision? So rather than laugh at the posed question why don't you give a little more thought and write this author back and tell us if you've solved the problem for yourself personally.

As stated above for those who simply need transportation to get to work we understand it is a rather simple problem and a simple solution and we applaud your rather simple and correct choice. But there may be other categories who must ponder this question over time before the answer strikes them.


7th Dec 2012

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