​Which is best For Men - Gold Rings or Platinum Rings?

Which is best For Men - Gold Rings or Platinum Rings?

When it comes to rings, women usually know what they want as compared to men. This is usually true when it comes to platinum and gold rings. Both these two metals are unique in their own way. This is why at times men find it hard to make a choice on the kind of ring to buy. However, the difference between these two is very clear as you will find out in this article. You can make a decision depending on your pocket or your taste and preference.

Jewelers have nowadays come up with a wide variety of rings for their customers. Customers are usually torn in between the different varieties that are available in the market. For instance, many people find it hard to make a choice between gold and platinum rings. However, this should not cause you sleepless nights. We are going to look at what makes these two rings different so that you will not have a difficult time making a decision on the one to buy.


These two differ in terms of their cost. Platinum is usually costly as compare to gold because it is rare. There are only 160 tons of platinum being mined in a year as compared to 1500 tons of gold. Given that platinum is usually more dense as compared to gold; the ring made of platinum will be heavy. The prices of metals are usually determined by their weight. Platinum is also expensive because it is a lot difficult to work with and it cannot be reused. This means that you will save money if you choose gold rings instead of platinum.


Most people use gold because it is a symbol of wisdom and wealth. This metal has gained a lot of popularity and people who want to impress their loved ones often go for gold rings. This is because it does not tarnish and will be a clear representation of the love between two people. In as much as gold is usually used to symbolize a number of things platinum is also gaining acceptance as a symbol of wealth.


A good number of gold rings usually come in 14k or 18k versions with 58.3 percent pure gold and 75 percent pure gold respectively. It is known without a doubt that a higher karat amount symbolizes less durability. Gold with a 24k is pure but it is not the best to use for jewelry since it is too soft. A this point, it requires additional metals so that it can become harder. Platinum on the other hand is durable and heavier as compared to gold. This means that if you want something that is heavy, then you should buy the platinum rings.

The other good thing about platinum is that it is hypoallergenic and will not easily react with your skin. Gold usually reacts to skin because of the nickel alloy that is used to make it harder. However, this is not the case nowadays because most jewelers have stopped using nickel as an alloy.


White gold has yellow appearance and this means that it should be maintained frequently. It needs rhodium plating once a year so that it does not look like something else. Nickel alloy usually have a yellow tinge while palladium alloys are dark grey. In as much as both platinum and gold require upkeep; the platinum ring will need less up keep as compared to gold ring.


Platinum does not lose a lot of weight when it is being polished or when it is worn on a day to day basis. This means that the platinum ring will stay for a long time without having to replace it. Platinum does not need to be coated like gold. Given that platinum is durable it allows for easy setting of diamond. Gold on the other hand is brittle and can easily break.

There is also a difference in terms of the uses of these two metals. Platinum is usually used for laboratory equipment, jewelry, dentistry; electrical contacts and automobile emissions control devices while gold is only used for making jewelry.

The choice on whether to choose gold or platinum depends on whether the gold in this case has been coated using rhodium or is natural. In case it has been coated, which is usually the case, it will be difficult to differentiate gold and platinum rings. Getting the appropriate rig will depend on whether you are allergic to the alloys used in gold rings or not. In case you are allergic, then it is advisable that you opt for the platinum rings. The only thing that you have to be aware of is that with platinum you will pay a little extra to get your piece of jewelry. So what will it be, gold or platinum?

23rd Mar 2014

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