​Why all the fuss over planning out the Perfect wedding?

Why all the fuss over planning out the Perfect wedding?

Enjoy and cherish planning one of the most important days of your life–­ your wedding day! All the fuss over planning out the perfect wedding is unnecessary. Here are a few useful tips for you to plan stress free for your big day.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Having an advocate out there throughout the day and a well thought out, realistic schedule is the key to a stress free wedding day. An efficient wedding planner or a coordinator will fulfill both of these requirements. Often a friend or a relative plays the role of this coordinator.

Nothing can replace an experienced wedding coordinator, no matter how good the intentions are in the beginning. It’s just not possible to do well both as a guest and as a helper.. Often the difference between a chaotic and a great wedding day is having a great wedding coordinator.

Plan out your Wedding Day

From your hair styling appointment to the time you plan to cut the cake, everything needs to be scheduled. Many couples forget to allow time for one thing or the other even after having planned out their entire wedding day. Surely you don’t want that kind of stress on your big day. Ask for help and think about these things well ahead of time. The best way for a wedding day to flow is often best known to photographers and wedding planners.

Plan for Family Photos

Family photos are important, so decide upon them first. Discuss with your fiancé, or with your family how you’d like the shots to be–­ candid, formal, daytime shots or a sunset backdrop– have this sorted beforehand.

Before the wedding day go over exactly who should be in which photos. Therefore, letting everyone know what photos they’re in and where they need to be is super important. Tell them they need to be at the venue by 1:00 or 1:15 if you aim to start the photo session at 2:00.

Plan for Men’s wedding band

An important thing you need to ensure is that you choose the right-sized band for your husband-to-be. Men’s wedding bands which do not fit can be a serious cause of concern on your big day.

Be Flexible

You need to be a bit flexible with your expectations as not everything will work out exactly the way you want it to. On your wedding day, attitude is everything. It will be up to you to decide how you should react if something does not go as planned. However regardless of what happens on the day, it will be the beginning of your ‘happily ever after’!

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27th Apr 2015

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