​Wood Inlay Wedding Rings

Wood Inlay Wedding Rings

Why are wood inlay wedding rings gaining in popularity?

Did you know, that giant Sequoia redwoods, are considered to be immortal? These amazing trees that grow to incredible heights may hold the secrets to eternal life! Now juxtapose that thought to your love, for the person you are about to marry. The love you share ought to be immortal and undying too, shouldn’t it? What if there was a way the sequoia could stand as a testament of your love? While a wooden ring is both impractical and unthinkable; a wood inlay wedding ring, on the other hand may be just the thing for you.

Wood inlay wedding rings are growing in popularity. This is because over the past several years, there has been an increase in eco-consciousness that has permeated every facet of our lives, fashion and trends included. Says Samantha Rosenthal, a jewelry consultant and wedding planner: I’ve had couples come in and ask for a ring that is as unique and beautiful as they are. At first when I suggest a wood inlay wedding ring, they think I’m kidding. But when I show them samples of these beautiful, atypical rings, many of them simply flip out. It works out well because the inlay adds a uniqueness of look and sentiment to the ring. A diamond may be forever, but it appears cold and lifeless somehow, wood is a living, breathing, eternal representation of love. Something a couple aspires to have for the rest of their lives!

While you may think that wood inlay wedding rings cost the world, this notion is completely unfounded. Samantha continues: Wood inlay wedding rings are a classy, yet surprisingly inexpensive way of showing your love, in an offbeat manner. While diamonds can significantly add to the price of virtually any ring, a simple yet bold wood inlay wedding ring, with its distinctive design and warm tones will cost nearly 1/3rd of what a similar diamond inlay will set you back by. Wood inlay wedding rings can range from between $175 to upwards of $600, depending on the style, the metal and other details.

New metals like tungsten, titanium, palladium and cobalt bring the prices of wedding jewelry down significantly. What these do for wood inlay wedding rings is that they give the bold wood grain texture of the ring a subdued (if that’s what you prefer), classy, understated feel. On the other hand, because these metals are gaining in popularity, there are a wide range of polishes, textures and finishes that can be added to your wood inlay wedding rings to make them truly unique and entirely customised.

So this season of love, why don’t you ditch the mundane, and take a bent knee to your love, and ask him/her to be your Valentine for as long as the two of you live, with a ring that will not only impress, but truly express how you feel. Do it with a wood inlay wedding ring and watch their eyes light up at this unique and one of a kind statement of love!

30th Sep 2015

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