How important is buying a ring that can have a matching style?

To better state this question - when you are considering a wedding band for youself, is it important to be able to buy the exact same style in a size to fit your fiance or partner? More and more people are asking this question these days in part because some of the contemporary metals such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt and even stainless steel are priced so much less than their counterparts in white gold, platinum and palladium. When buying two, you can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. Plus, these contemporary are no longer just the "man's ring" - they are being worn with style and confidence by the women of the world who enjoy the smart and stunning styles in black, white and gray that complement so many other jewelry styles being worn by women.

At Mens Wedding Bands we offer most, but not all, of our contemporary styles starting in size 4 so that women with smaller fingers can find the style they want to match their future husbands. We also see more and more sizes in 8 and 9 or 7 and 8 or 10 and 7 for partners who seek a united front when it comes to their band.

With these realities in mind it might be wise to make sure when you are purchasing your ring that the size you MIGHT want in the future for your significant other is available. Again, at our store, we are very careful to buy only those styles that play into matching bands. We know that this is a greater necessity than it used to be and so we pay particular attention to this need. If we do our job, then you can do yours far easier!