How to choose between a gold and tungsten wedding band?

There are so many different options to choose from these days when selecting a mens wedding band - you can choose gold or platinum, silver or palladium or you might even consider a contemporary metal like tungsen, titanium, cobalt or ceramic.

Most making a choice these days are choosing between gold and tungsten - the two hottest metals on the market today. And with gold you have a few other options - do you choose white or yellow or maybe two-tone gold - and of course rose gold has always been a viable option. Whichever one you choose you can't go too wrong in that gold holds its value so well and is always in high demand.

The tungsten option has a few choices to make as well. You can go with an inlay such as white or yellow gold or you can even add platinum. Of course one can also add ceramic or carbon fiber to your tungsten ring. Whichever you choose - these fine rings are available in sizes ranging on the average from 4 - 16 including half sizes.

At Mens Wedding Bands they both come with lifetime warranties for breakage and sizing!